US Gambling Sites Must By Law Have GEO Tracking Software

July 21, 2018 July 21, 2018 David Nugent

As more and more US States now have made some forms of online gambling legal, and have the ability of licensing and regulating gambling sites that are based within their State boundaries, one vital thing each of those sites must be able to do is to accept gamblers to their sites that are based within the State boundaries and not outside them.

Therefore State gambling regulators now demand that each site they license must have some form of GEO tracking software on their sites that will allow them to spot potential customers that are not based in the US States they are licensed in and deny them access to their gambling sites.

That is actually much easier a thing to do these days for there are several different companies that can offer such a GEO monitoring type of software to gambling sites, and as such if you ever do stumble upon a gambling sites that isn’t licensed in your State you will not be given access to that site, and will simply see a message informing you are not permitted to gamble or register at those sites.

Very Strict Minimum Age Limit Laws

As the minimum age to gamble in the USA is 21,all gambling sites that are based in the US have to ensure that above all else they have systems in palace that at no point in time can they accept customers that are under the age of 21.

That is often why when you do decide to gamble online you will have to go through an account verification process in which you will be required to prove your identity including your age, and failure to pass that verification will see you being denied access to the gambling services offered by such a site!

Certified Fair Gambling Opportunities

One final thing that I would like to point out to you is that when you do sign up to play at for example a US based and licensed poker site or casino site you are always going to have the peace of mind in knowing those games are fair and completely random.

It is the individual US State gambling regulators that ensure all games of chance you will be able to access are certified as being fair and random, which is something you will not be guaranteed of if you choose to play at an offshore based non-US licensed gambling site of course.

As such you should always be wary of signing up to and gambling at any online or mobile gambling site that are not licensed in your own US State and that are based in some other countries of the world, for you will not have the protection afforded to you when gambling at a site that does boast a full and valued US State issued gambling license.

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