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July 27, 2018 July 27, 2018 Jay Castillo

If you sign up to a betting site then you will of course be hoping to have an enjoyable experience and one that you will be happy to return to even if you do not win! However, every now and then you could experience a problem betting at such a site.

If you do then you will hope that the customer care team at that betting site or the on duty manager or supervisor will be able to get your problem addressed and quickly too, and in most cases it is very fair and true to say they will resolve your problems quickly.

But you may find that a betting site is unable to settle your complaint or dispute to your satisfaction, and when you do experience such a thing you will often be referred to something known as an Alternative Dispute Resolution Service or ADRS for short.

That is simply the name given to a third party organisation that the betting site in conjunction with their license issuers have nominated to handle any unresolved disputes, and when using the services of a Alternative Dispute Resolution Service their final decision is binding by both parties.

Getting Problems Addressed at Betting Sites

All betting sites should have a system in place whereby you can get any and all problems you may have experienced sorted out very quickly, and your first post of call should of course be the customer care team.

There could be a situation where a problem is of a technical nature and if so then you may have to wait a day or two before the technical team can rectify your problem and get it sorted out for you, but always remember you do have the services of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Service if the betting site is unable to sort out your problems or disputes for you.

Don’t Take Risks When Betting Online

Please always remember that betting is supposed to be a fun and entertaining pastime not one in which you are trying to win back any losses that you have incurred on any previous betting sites or sessions, so always look at it as a form of entertainment.

If you do however feel that your betting activities are getting out of hand there are lots of support groups and services available to you that can help and advise you and there are many different ways that you can cut back or stop gambling all together.

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