Betting Taxes Could be Increased in Ireland

August 17, 2018 August 17, 2018 Christopher Andrews

There have been calls over in Ireland from those organisations that help people who are addicted to gambling, that the tax rate charges on betting companies should be doubled, and the extra cash raised should then be donated to such organisations.

However, that would usually strike fear into any companies that do operate betting shops and betting offices or even trackside on-course betting services, but when you consider that the current rate of tax charged to such companies in Ireland is tiny at just 1%, you can see why a doubling of that tax rate would not cause those bookies any major financial problems.

What is also interesting to note is that the amount of ahs that is raised in Ireland via that extremely low tax rate of just 1% is €50m, so there would then be an additional available to help addicted gamblers with that extra cash raised.

It has been estimated that the number of people who do experience gambling problems over in Ireland is 40,000, which would mean with €50m to help them recover a huge €1250 would be set aside for each person with a gambling addition problem, which should be more than enough to offer them the support services they desperately require and need!

Gambling is a Problem Everywhere

Let’s face facts, whenever there are gambling activities available anywhere, there are always going to be an element of society who will find themselves getting addicted to gambling.

It is a wide range of people who can be overcome with gambling addition problems, and whilst their problems should not see people who can control their gambling being no permitted to gamble, they should always be given access to the help and support they do need and require.

Self Control is the Answer

It is always going to be down to self control as to whether people can stop gambling when they have set their own gambling limits or not, however that is very difficult for some people.

If at any time you have found that your gambling activities are causing you any type of problems then the onus really is on you to seek help with those problems, for no one is going to approach you directly and as you if you do need any help or support!

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