Bookies Pokies to be de-activated during Gambling Harm Awareness Week

August 21, 2018 August 21, 2018 Christopher Andrews

There are often lots of gambling awareness type of events held in many different countries of the world at one time or another, however over in New Zealand they have come up with a very imaginative way of getting the message across that gambling addiction is a very real problem!

What is therefore going to happen at the beginning on September this year, which is then New Zealand is holding their Gambling Harm Awareness Week, is that many gambling venues across the country are going to de-activate their pokie machines one an hour.

As such if you do visit any venues that has any number of pokie machines then there is a good chance that during that week you may walk in as the machines are turned off or have been turned off, and you will not be given access to any of them until the hour is up.

Whilst that may seem like a completely pointless exercise, is may just eventually help focus the minds of any pokie player in New Zealand that is gripped by any form of gambling addiction, and that can only be a good thing of course and should be applauded.

Pokie Machines Are Addictive

If you are not from New Zealand or Australia for that matter you may be blissfully unaware of just what pokie machines are, well they are simply slot machines of any type which over the years have become collectively known as pokie machines or pokies for short.

They are, much like any other type of gambling machines quite addictive if you do not have the will power to play them responsibly, and each year many people in New Zealand do seek help with problems relating to becoming addicted to playing those machines.

Location of Pokie Machines

The problem with pokie machine is that they can and are available in many different venues across New Zealand and players are never very far away from them, so it can be very easy for those players without self control to spend way more money playing them than they have initially planned on doing.

As there are however no shortages of help and support groups and organisations available in New Zealand, if you do feel you have a prob0elm controlling your pokie playing activated help is always at hand.

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