Hollywood Casino Charles Town Granted Sportsbook License

August 14, 2018 August 14, 2018 Jessica Wilson

Some would say that it has been a very long time coming, however spots fans who do fancy placing any number of bets and wagers on any upcoming sporting events who live in West Virginia are celebrating as they now have a fully licensed sportsbooks nearby!

It has just been announced that the Hollywood Casino in Charles Town has been granted a sportsbook license, and as such they are now able to offer odds and take bets from their customers in much the same way as other sportsbooks across the USA can do.

This is of course also going to be good news for other casinos in the surrounding areas, and I have it on good authority that two additional casinos will be applying for a sports betting license in September with another two casinos looking to do the same not long after

Many UK based sports betting companies have been making massive inroads into the sports betting environment in the USA with William Hill doing particularly well at being able to negotiate the very best deals with hundreds of casinos to operate sportsbooks in casinos in places such as Nevada and beyond, so it will be no surprise if they do open up venues in West Virginia if they are granted State approval to do so.

Sports Betting Not a Major Casino Source of Income

What many people and punters alike are unaware of is that sports betting is by no stretch of the imagination a major source of income for land based casinos in the USA.

Whilst most land based casinos in places such as Nevada will have their own sportsbooks located somewhere on the gaming floor, it should be noted that those venues are often loss leaders, meaning they are there to offer customers somewhere to bet so that they do not leave one casino to go to another simply to place a bet.

New Directions for US Sportsbooks

Many commentators are speculating that in the very near future, and we are talking months rather than years, sportsbooks are going to become much more technically advanced places in the USA.

With more and more automated betting terminals allowing sports bettors to place a bet without having to go to the cashiers window and also computer type terminals that are going to allow sports bettors to make us of in-play betting opportunities too, so it s certainly going to be an exciting time for everyone who does enjoy placing sports bets in the US in the very near future!

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