Laws Surrounding Betting on Football Matches

July 30, 2018 July 30, 2018 Christopher Andrews

You can of course bet on the outcome of any football match that is being played anywhere in the world, and to do so you simply have to sign up to a betting site or download a betting app, but do make sure they are licensed and regulated to ensure that you never run into any type of problems.

The laws surrounding betting of football matches are fairly straight forward and they stipulate that you can bet before a match starts and now thanks to in-play betting markets you are also allowed to bet when a match is in play.

As long as you have placed a bet within the betting limits determined by the betting site you are using then if your bet wins you will be paid out in full, but each betting site will also have a pay-out limit in place in their terms and conditions.

As such you can only win up to that pay-out limit per single bet placed, but it is worth me point out most betting site do have some very high pay-out limits so you should find that even if you do win big you will get paid out of your winnings in full!

90 Minutes of Play

As some football matches such as those that are being played as part of the World Cup tournament can go into extra time if the match ends in a draw or possibly then go onto a penalty shoot out you need to ensure you know the allocated time for each football bet you have placed.

When placing most types of bets relating to a football match it will be the first 90 minutes of play time and any injury time added on that will be used as the length your bet is in place for an no longer.

Individual Bet Rules

One final thing you do also need to be aware of is that there could be some individual rules in place at different betting site in regards to some unique betting opportunities that they may be offering you.

For example if they are offering odds on a player to score a goal at any time in a football match or be the first or last goal scorer, but that player doesn’t actually take part in that match, some betting sites will return your stakes and in full, however some betting site might not, so always check the individual rules associated with any type of football bet you are thinking of placing!

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