New Laws on Betting Advertisements on Sport Streaming Sites

August 29, 2018 August 29, 2018 Christopher Andrews

Australia has always had some fairly strict and robust gambling laws, and they also have some tight regulations regarding the advisements associated with gambling venues and sites too.

However, one area that has escaped the attention of any type of restrictions regarding the types of advertisements that they can show and display are websites that offer live sport streaming services, and there are quite a lot of them that are based in Australia or at least offer their services to Australian citizens.

But the powers that be in Australia have made the decision that from now on any type of live sport streaming website is going to have to adhere to the same gambling advertising rules as TV channels and Radio Stations too.

As such the owners and operators of live sport streaming websites have been told and warned that if they do show any gambling site advertisements on their live footage of any type of sporting events between the hours of 5am in the morning up until 8.30pm at night they will be breaking the law.

Why Restrict Gambling Site Advertisements

There are a couple of reasons why the Australian authorities want to stop gambling site advertisements being shown between the hours of 5am and 8.30pm at night, and that is to avoid the chance of children coming across such advertisements.

It is of course always going to be the case that a child could see an advert if they are up and about outside of those times, and as such that is chance that the authorities have chosen to make, but the majority of very young children will be in bed between the hours that such advertisements are shown

Do Children Gambling Online?

There have been many cases in the past where children and those under the legal age to gamble have been able to sign up to all manner of different betting and gambling sites and have been able to place bets and wagers too at those sites.

However, in most of the cases I have come across those underage gamblers have been gambling with their parents funds, having gained access to one of their parents credit cards or debit cards, and if a child has used their parents details to register such an account then it is very hard for a betting site to detect they have done so.

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