Paddy Power and William Hill Get US Regulators Approval

August 6, 2018 August 10, 2018 Michael Wright

They do say that it is the survival of the fittest, and it appears that some major European based betting companies have stolen a march on their US competitors and have been betting them at their own game, regarding sportsbook operators.

You may have heard the news that William Hill has secure deals to operate 11 sportsbooks in Mississippi, and when you throw into the mix that they also operate over one hundred sportsbooks across Nevada, you get an idea for just how big William Hill have become in the United States of America.

In fact, it is not only William Hill that are doing well in the US, for Paddy Power have been in successful talks with the Boyd Gaming Group and will be involved in their online Fan Duel operation which is expected to lead to additional online gambling sites being launched as part of their joint venture.

One does have to wonder what on earth were US sportsbook operators doing for the last few years to have the ground stolen from them in such a significant way. But no matter what those two companies are going to keep on looking at additional ways to expand in the US.

Experience Counts Online

I am of the mind that one of the main reasons why many gambling companies in the US are looking at signing joint venture type deal with European companies such as Paddy Power and much more so William Hill, is due to the fact they already have vast experience of the online gambling environments.

With many US States now in the throngs of legalizing online gambling, land based casinos located in those States will have a much greater chance of entering and being successful in those environments by linking up with those vastly experienced companies.

There is Money to be made in the US

You only have to take a look at the land based gambling operations within the USA to appreciate just how vast that market place is, and any companies that do get a strong foothold are going to be profitable, if the run their operations correctly of course.

As the online and mobile betting market place in the US is literally years if not decades behind the rest of the world, there are some vast fortunes to be made for the companies that can successfully conquer those market places, which is something both Paddy Power and William Hill will be very eager to do of course!

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