Punters Still Complaining of Having Winning Accounts Closed

August 9, 2018 August 13, 2018 David Nugent

It still appears that punters are experiencing some major difficulties at some of the better known land based betting companies, that operate both online betting sites and mobile betting apps in regards to them having their account closed simply for winning.

Now, we are aware that in places such as the UK, whilst some bookies are turning over huge amounts of cash and are performing well, there are some that are beginning to panic, as they will shortly see a massive downturn in regards to the profits made from their land based betting shops.

That is of course due to the soon to be put in place new maximum gambling and staking limits on their fixed odds betting terminals, which to put is very simply have been the lifeblood of many betting shops, and when those new rules come into place many betting shops are going to close as they will no longer be financially viable.

However when it comes to placing winning bets on sporting fixtures and events, it looks like many betting shop and betting site operators do now want winning customers, and are either closing the accounts and refusing bets off winning customers or restricting those customers accounts so they can only place very small valued bets.

Do Not Risk Betting at Offshore Betting Sites

What will often happen as soon as a customer does find that their betting sites accounts have been closed or very strictly limited in regards to the amounts they can bet on any and all sporting events is that they will then look to an offshore based one, that is often licensed in third world countries or even countries that they have never heard of before.

That unfortunately is something of a huge risk move and strategy, for by betting at such sites there is the chance they may find all manner of reasons not to pay you out your winnings and being often unlicensed and unregulated there is nothing customers of those sites can do about that!

Betting Exchanges are the Solution

I you do find that your betting site account are being closed or restricted simply due to you winning, then I would urge you to sign up to a betting exchange, as by doing so you are going to be able to place and lay bets with no restrictions.

A betting exchange is a peer to peer type of betting environment so you are not betting against the owner of those sites you are betting against other customers of those sites, and the betting exchange operator takes a small commission on all winning bets placed or laid, so they do now mind winners what so ever as they earn their income form them!

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