Regulations Surrounding Bets Odds Guarantees

July 25, 2018 July 26, 2018 James Anderson

Punters are going to be faced with an often overwhelming array of different betting bonuses and promotional offers whenever they choose to sign up to either an online or mobile betting site or app, and one that does appear to be popular is a promotional offer known as a best odds guarantee.

If you have not come across such an offer but are interested to know how they have been designed, then allow me to introduce you to them and also enlighten you fully on what such best odds guarantees will be offering you as a sports bettor.

What you are faced with doing however when you do want to make use of such a promotional offer, is first find out on just which sporting events a betting site is offering best odds guarantees on.

Most days of the week most betting sites and betting apps will be offering best odds guarantees on a range of different horses races that are due to be run later on in the day.

Take the Odds Offered

When you do find a horse race with a best odds guarantee on offer on it, then you must place a bet on the horse you think will win, and also you must take the odds being offered to you, and by doing so you will lock in those odds.

However, as soon as the horse race has then be run and the official result is known the Starting Price of that winning horse will then be declared and announced, is the Starting Price is higher that the odds you tool you are paid out at those higher odds as opposed to the lower ones you secured earlier on in the day!

Ante Post Betting Odds

Also keep in mind that long in advance of some sporting event starting, there will be lots of betting sites offering ante post betting odds on those events, but you need to ensure that if you do bet early and for example a horse you back on the ante post betting markets doesn’t run in that race when it is scheduled to go ahead that you will get your stake money back.

With that in mind look out for ante post betting markets that offer a type of betting rule known as a no runner no bet rule.

By doing so and making sure you place your bets only on betting markets and at betting sites that do have a no runner no bet rules, if you place a bet and the horse you have bet on doesn’t then run in the race in questions you will get your stake money paid back out to you.

I you do not bet at betting site and on betting markets that do have that rule in place and your horse doesn’t run in the race you will not get paid back your stake money, even though there is no chance of you winnings from that bet, so always keep that in mind when you are hunting for betting sites to sign up to and bet at!

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