Rhode Island Sportsbook Going Live in November

August 27, 2018 August 27, 2018 Christopher Andrews

Thanks to a Supreme Court ruling, any US State that now wants to license and regulate sportsbooks operating within their state boundaries is going to be able to do so, for Nevada has officially lost their one time monopoly on running and operating sportsbooks!

Over in Rhode Island that court ruling was music to the ears of all land based casino owners and operators, and many of them have been eagerly making plans to open up and launch their own sportsbooks in their venues.

However, as it stands it isn’t going to be until November of this year that Rhode Island based gamblers will be able to place their sports bets and wagers in one of those venues, as it is taking a little longer than had been expected to get such venues ready.

But make no mistake about it if you are living in Rhode Island or will be visiting from November onwards, you really are going to have every possible type of sports betting opportunities available to you!

William Hill Leading the Way

It is a UK gambling giant William Hill that has been signing up the most deals regarding supplying land based gambling venues such as casinos with their very own sportsbooks, which are of course fully branded as William Hill sportsbooks!


It is going to be interesting to see however what the long term outlook for William Hill is over in the USA, for whilst they are certainly going to be the largest sportsbook operator in the USA, many punters are going to be looking for at least some choice regarding where they can place their bets and wagers, rather than being restricted to just one company’s sports betting services!

Offshore Online Sportsbook Suffering

It is going to be the many offshore based sportsbooks that are going to be feeling the heat and experiencing a massive downturn in their turnover once each of the US states that do want sportsbooks in their boundaries finally make them live.

Therefore if you are someone who does tend to use the services of such sportsbooks, you will need to tread carefully in the months ahead, for many of them are bound to go out of business as they will not be able to compete with those legal land based sportsbooks that will be opening!

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