Selayang Enforcement Teams Targeting Illegal Betting Venues

August 28, 2018 August 28, 2018 Christopher Andrews

The enforcement teams over the Selayang are facing what they describe as a never ending task, in their commitment to stamp out all illegal betting and gambling activities that take place within their jurisdiction.

All forms of illegal gambling is big business in Selayang and it appears that the main culprits that are offering their customers illegal betting opportunities are cyber cafes, and as such it is the huge number of cyber cafes that have opened up recently that the enforcement teams are targeting.

It is often into the evening that the teams set off from their headquarters, with what they describe as several very large vehicles, to perform sport checks on such venues, and more often than not they do uncover all manner of illegal betting opportunities in those venues and then are tasked with carting off all of the equipment used by customers of such venues to place those illegal bets.

One man that has played a very active role in going out in person when those raids are performed is Datuk Juhari Ahmad who has the role of the Selayang Municipal Council deputy president, and he says he has never seen so much equipment being confiscated, but is committed to continuing to raid as many cyber cafes as is needed to stamp out the problem.

Very Profitable Side Line

One of the main problems for any cyber café owner and operator is making a profit, and as illegal gambling is very profitable for those owners and operators many of them are tempted to allow illegal gambling activities to take place in their venues.

There are of course very stiff penalties that they face if they are caught proving any type of illegal gambling services in their venues but that appears to be a risk worth taking.

Avoiding Detection

One of the ways that those cyber cafes are able to try and remain undetectable whenever a raid takes place is by simply turning off their main server, and as such unless the enforcement team officers see gambling services being offered on the computers in those venues there is nothing they can do.

But those officers are becoming very adept at ensuring they do discover just which cyber cafes are proving illegal gambling services, and they will often visit the venue one at a time so as to not arouse the suspicions of the venues owner or operator.

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