Should Betting Sites Be Forced to Accept Winning Punters

July 25, 2018 August 10, 2018 James Anderson

You may not be aware of the fact, that each day large number of punters are being either banned from online and mobile betting sites or having the maximum amounts they can wager on any sporting events massively reduced.

Those customers who do experience such a thing all have one thing in common, and that is they are lifetime winners at the betting site they are banned from or have their accounts restricted at.

In fact, I have heard of many first time customers of some betting sites, who will place a just a few bets on the first day of them betting at a betting site, and will then find themselves not being welcomed back to those betting site if their first few bets were winning ones!

This is something that is bound to happen to any punter there days if they do experience a winning streak, and sadly betting site, bookmakers and also online and mobile sportsbooks are quite within their rights to ban anyone they want to ban from their sites and from using their betting apps or even entering their betting shops too!

Bookmakers Can Ban Anybody

At the end of the day as long as a bookmakers pays out any outstanding winning bets from any of their customers who they wish to ban then there is nothing stopping them legally from banning those customers.

But maybe it’s time for betting sites as well as land based betting venues to be require by law to accept any customers winnings ones as well a losing ones, that is certainly something regulators should be looking at, for otherwise it could be deemed to be the case that bookies only want losing customers or even those with a gambling problem to bet at their sites or betting shops!

How to Avoid Getting Banned

If you are the type of punters that does tend to place more winning bets than losing ones, and you want to lower the risk of you being banned from betting sites and betting shops then the only realistic way you are going to be able to do so is to try and go unnoticed at a betting site or when in a betting shop.

You should be looking to keep your bets down to some low amounts, but spread the bets about if you do want to bet big, in fact many big betters will ask their mates or family members to place their bets for them in for example a betting shop.

By spreading the risk about and only placing lower stakes then you will not be at a much greater risk of having your betting accounts closed or restricted, which is something you do run the very real risk of experiencing if you bet big and keep on winning big too!

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James Anderson is our legal beagle and loves nothing more than dissecting laws and regulations surrounding online, mobile and land based gaming and ensuring all jurisdictions sing from the same hymn sheet, and is prepared to call them out if they do not.

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