What Regulations are there with Each-Way Bets?

July 26, 2018 August 10, 2018 David Nugent

The number of different rules that are in place a betting site can seem huge, but at the end of the day every single rule that you will come across as someone who does bet online or by using a mobile betting app are all in place for a reason.

One set of rules that you are always going to find in place are regarding each-way bets, those being a two part bet one part of which covers a sporting outcome that is paid out at full odds if it wins and the other part of an each-way bet covers your selection to fill one of the top positions in a sporting event such as a range or tournament.

There are lots of different factors that are going to determine what the percentage of the win odds will be offered to you on the place part of an each-way bet, and it will ultimately be up to the betting site to decide what to offer you on any betting opportunities and sporting event.

There are no laws on the each-ways pay-outs you will receive and as such you are going to have to shop around form betting site to betting site to see just what odds they are going to be offering you and also the number of places they will be paying you out too!

Best Types of Each-Way Bets

If there is what you could call a best or good each-way betting market it is always going to be the ones that have been designed in such a way that you will get more winning pay-outs if one of your selections does get placed in a race or tournament for example.

So always be prepared to shop around from betting site to betting site as by doing so you will often find some betting sites offering more places and often a bigger percentage of the outright win odds on the place element of such a bet!

Best Betting Sites to Place Each Way Bets At

I really would encourage you to do your research as to the betting site that you sign up to and finally place your real money bet at as there are some excellent and first class betting site out there but here are also some very poorly run ones too!

One thing you should be doing is only ever signing up to betting sites that are license din your own home country of residence as by doing so you will never run into any problems and if you do the gaming commission will be able to get your problems sorted out via their in-house problem solving teams or their alternative dispute resolution services.

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