2020 ICC World Twenty20 Cricket Tournament

January 13, 2018 January 8, 2018 Claire Aleman

It may seem like a long way away, however before you know it the 2020 ICC World Twenty20 Cricket tournament will be upon us, and those Cricket fans wishing to place bets on that sporting event are able to do so right now if they so wish!

There are of course plenty of different reasons why a sports fan is going to want to place a bet on any major sporting event so far in advance of it actually starting, and one of the main reasons is that there can be and usually is a lot of value to be snapped up by placing such a bet early.

With plenty of different countries all taking part in the 2020 ICC World Twenty20 Cricket tournament there are going to be possibly more than one team you do fancy placing a bet on, and the sooner you do so then the higher in value the odds you may find on offer on several of those teams.

That will certainly be the case once the tournament nears its final stages, for as teams get knocked out of the tournament those left still in it are going to have lower odds associated with them winning it, so do consider placing your bets sooner rather than later!

To give you some ideas of which countries national teams are in with a good chance of winning that major Cricket tournament, below I will give you an overview of the current odds available on many of them.

Early Odds on the 2020 ICC World Twenty20 Cricket Tournament

Having a speculative punt on who you think is going to win this major and quite anticipated Cricket tournament is something you may be tempted to do, and if you do want to take a long term punt on it then below are the odds on some of the most fancied teams to win, and some outsiders too!

Australia, according to all early price betting markets are currently the favourite to win, and you will be able to secure odds of 11/4 if you do place your bets right now.

A couple of other teams you may be considering placing a bet on for some much higher odds include the West Indies at odds of 8/1 and also Afghanistan at a huge 250/1!

The second favourite team to win however are India, and I do know many people are currently mopping up the 7/2 odds available on them. However, for a more speculative bet how about considering Sri Lanka at 12/1 or even Zimbabwe at a whopping 300/1!

The third favourite team to win at this very early stage are England, and if you do fancy their chances you will be able to get odds of around 11/2 on them winning. Pakistan may also be worth a punt currently as their odds are 12/1, and Ireland do appears to be a total outsider at odds of 400/1!

Three other teams you may just fancy winning are South Africa and their odds are 6/1, Bangladesh are on offer at odds of 66/1, and for the brave punter how about a bet on Scotland at 400/1?

Betting on Cricket Safely

One thing I would advise you to do if you do fancy placing any type of bet on any worldwide Cricket match or tournament is never be in a rush to do so, especially in the online betting environment.

The main reason for me saying that is that there are lots of different betting sites that are going to be eager to take your bets, but there is a whole world of difference in regards to how such betting sites are run and operated, and you will never want to take any risks with your gambling bankroll.

The best run and operated online or mobile betting sites are of course those are legally licensed in your home country of residence. However, some countries still do not have a regulatory system in place that allows them to license and then oversee betting sites available to their residents and citizens.

If you do want to place a cricket related bet, or for that matter any type of sports related bet online, and the country you live in does not offer gambling licenses to such sites then select a betting site that is licensed in a major developed country.

By doing so you are rarely if ever going to experience any type of problem when betting at such a site, which is what you may do when betting elsewhere!

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