All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship

May 22, 2018 May 22, 2018 David Nugent
All Ireland Hurling Championship

You do not need to live in Ireland to be able to place a bet on this years All Ireland Senior Hurling Championship, for that to most of the major betting sites and betting apps offering you plenty of betting opportunities on that Hurling championship you can pick and chose the best you want to place no matter where you live and can place them online or via a betting app instantly.

The date at which the final game in the Championship will be starting in on the 19th of August 2018 and half past three, that day is a Sunday so make sur you book your place on the sofa and book the TV too!

Even though August may of course seem a very long way away today, what you will be benefitting form if you choose to place a bet on the All Ireland Senior Hurling Championship right now are some much higher odds on each of the teams.

That will be much more so if the team or teams you do decide to place a bet on play well in the run up to the final, as the better performing teams will see their odds dropping and dropping quite significantly.

So please do read on for today I have searched he web to find the best possible odds on a range of different betting opportunities on that major Hurling tournament!

Outright Winning Betting Opportunities

You have two different type of bets that will be on offer to you if you do fancy betting on the outright betting market currently the first is an each-way bet on which you should find plenty of betting sites that will give you one third of the win odds if your chosen team get into the final and comes in second place.

The one team that it is very fair to say that does have by far and away the very best chance of winning this tournament are Galway and you would be foolish to wait any longer to bet on them if you do fancy their chances of winning as their odds do seem generous currently at 2/1.

Having said that though I do think that Tipperary are a good bet at 4/1 and in with a chance of winning or at the very least making it through to the final are Kilkenny and if you do fancy giving that team a try and placing a bet on them then do so right now as their odds are high at 9/2

There are plenty of teams that are attracting very little money in the betting markets at this current moment, and one such team is Dublin, for they do not seem to have the skill base in their team to win this tournament and the bookies are all going 100/1 on them winning it!

I do know that some punters are going to find it hard to resist betting on Meath, even though they appear to have no possible chance what so ever of winning the title this year, but if you do want to back them then there are odds available at plenty of betting sites as high as a whopping 10000/1!

Odds on Any Team Making It Through to the Final

Now, one thing you will not want to do is to place a bet on a team to win this championship, only to see them make it right through to the final game and then lose to their opponent.

So, with that in mind it may be beneficial for you to place an outright winner bet but also place a bet on which team you think will make it to the final, so if you team does then at least you will get paid out some winning even if they do not go on to win the final match, the title and of course the championship!

Therefore, are the odds that you can get right now on any of the following teams making it through to the last game in the season that of course being the final. Galway look a very solid bet at their current odds of 5/6, and it is very true to say that Kilkenny are not without a chance of making it through to the final at their odds of 11/8.

Tipperary are available at odds of 15/8, you could decide to place a bet on Limerick getting through to the final and their odds of doing so are 9/4, and the only other team I do feel is in with any chance what do every of getting through to the final is Cork and their odds of doing so are 11/4.

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