BDO World Championship 2018

January 11, 2018 January 11, 2018 David Nugent

There are of course more than enough Darts related tournaments scheduled throughout the year, however one I do know gets a lot of attention from fans of that sport is the BDO World Championship.

Thanks to quite a number of TV channels covering that tournament this year, there is a good chance you are going to be able to book your spot on the sofa at home and sit back and enjoy the thrills and spills that it guarantees to deliver!

However, if you fancy having something of a financial interest in that Darts tournament, then it may just pay dividends for you to start placing your bets on the player you think is going to win it right now, for many sports betting sites and bookmakers have now got just such a betting market available.

As you would expect, some players that are deemed to be the most likely winner of the BDO World Championship do have some low odds associated with them doing so, but if you fancy some of the outsiders then get you bets placed early is my advice as their odds will drop, if as you predict they do star playing up to their best form!

Whilst at this early stage the current odds are fairly stable on most players, you can expect them to become quite volatile as the tournament final approaches, so if you do want to shop around and compare the odds available on the BDO World Championship then the sooner you do so the higher the odds you will secure.

Early Betting Markets on the BDO World Championship 2018

Many punters and fans of Darts will already and have made up their own minds on who they think is going to win the BDO World Championship 2018, and if you do have an opinion and view on the likely winner, how about placing a bet on your chosen player?

If that is something that does interest you then allow me to now give you some ideas on the most likely winner and those players who the betting markets indicate are complete outsiders!

The red hot favourite to win even now is Glen Durrant and his odds are quite restrictive at some 5/4, however for some bigger betting value and a couple of outsiders to bet on consider placing something of a speculative wager on Ross Montgomery at 50/1 or even Conan Whitehead  at some much higher odds of 125/1!

The second favourite to win on the early price betting markets is Danny Noppert whose odds are currently around the 7/1 mark, but if you do want some much better returns and are prepared to back an outsider consider either Nick Kenny at odds of 50/1 or possibly Richie Edwards at even higher odds of 150/1!

Another player who is certainly in with a good chance of winning or getting placed high up in the tournament is Scott Mitchell and his odds are 12/1. Two players who are not getting much attention from punters in the betting markets at the minute are Wesley Harms at odds of 50/1 and also Chris Landman whose odds are a huge 150/1 to win this tournament outright!

Locking in Value When Betting on Darts

As someone who does fancy placing bets on any up and coming Darts matches or tournaments, not only should you be hunting around the web and comparing the odds available at various different betting sites, but also looking for new betting sites to sign up to.

I have yet to see a betting site that doesn’t offer their new customers at least one type of betting bonus, free bet or some other welcome offer, and those offers if and when you make use of them, are going to allow you to lock in plenty of playing value.

Look out for a free matched bet, for those types of new customers betting site sign up offers and going to allow you to initially place a bet up to a certain value with your own money, but win or lose with that bet the betting site will then credit you with another bet of the same value.

Not only that but some betting sites will also offer you slightly higher odds on some Darts players if you place your bets in advance of any matches or tournaments starting, so keep your eyes peeled for those types of promotional deals too, as the more you get back in winnings the more value you will of course be getting.

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