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June 22, 2018 June 21, 2018 David Nugent
French Grand Prix Betting

If you fancy escaping from the World Cup Group Stage football matches this weekend then keep in mind that on Sunday you will be able to watch the French Grand Prix, and many fans of the sport will now be trying to work out which driver will win and where they can get the best odds on their chosen driver doing so!

A quick glance at the early betting markets on the French Grand Prix this year sees both the Mercedes driver L. Hamilton and the Ferrari driver S. Vettel heading those betting markets at odds of 13/8.

Value hunters will be mopping up the early odds on the Mercedes driver V. Bottas at 7/1 and the Red Bull driver M. Verstappen at 8/1, for if there are two drivers that could spring a surprise it has to be one of those two.

I doubt any of the other drivers are going to win this race this year but there could be a very slight chance that out of the other drivers not yet mention that possibly the Red Bull driver D. Ricciardo at 10/1 or the Ferrari driver K. Raikkonen at 12/1 could be the winner, but I think it will be one of the two current joint favourites that will come out on top and win!

Race Winner Betting Opportunities

There will be an almost endless list of different bet and wager types you can place on the French Grand Prix and if you want to bet on one of the favourite teams to win the three that are heading the betting markets are Mercedes at 10/11, Ferrari at 11/10 and of course Red Bull at 7/2.

You could also win big if you pick out one of the outsiders to win and those include Renault at 200/1, McLaren or even Force India at 400/1, Haas at 500/1, Sauber or the Toro Rosso team both of whom look tempting at win odds of 750/1 or for a total speculative but very risky bet you can always bet on Williams at 1000/1!

Fastest Lap Driver Odds

There is yet another betting markets that most if not all betting sites are going to be offering you access to on this year’s French Grand Prix and that is the one whereby you are tasked with trying to predict the driver that during the event will achieve the fastest lap time.

Whilst most punters are going to bet on some of the favorites to do just that including the Red Bull driver M. Verstappen the Ferrari driver S. Vettel or the Red Bull driver D. Ricciardo all at odds of 3/1 there is the chance it could be one of the Mercedes drivers such as V. Bottas or L. Hamilton at 10/3 who could manage to get the fastest lap time.

What you may find appealing however about this particular betting market is there are some gigantic odds also on offer on people such as the Renault driver C. Sainz at 100/1, the Force India driver S. Perez at 200/1 but if you fancy the chances of the Toro Rosso driver P. Gasly then you should get your bets placed right now as he is a huge 750/1 to be named as the fastest lap time driver of this event!

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