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June 8, 2018 June 8, 2018 David Nugent

How do you fancy having a financial interest in some of the international friendlies that are scheduled to take place tomorrow, well if that is something you do fancy doing then you will need to get your bets placed quickly, for there are some large volumes of cash swilling around in the betting markets.

The first match that does look a fair bet regarding the odds that are being offered top punters is the Hungary vs Australia match for Hungary are 7/4 won win that match which is something that they may just do.

However, I am away many people are of the mind that if there was one international friendly being played tomorrow that could end in a draw it is this match and as such that may be a good betting option as the odds are 2/1, but if you do think that Australia are going to wipe the floor with Hungary then their odd available on wining that match are 6/4!

Estonia vs Morocco

The Estonia vs Morocco is going to be a very one-sided match for sure as there is no possible way that Estonia are going to win and their odds of doing so are 6/1 but those odds may just attract many avid supporters of theirs.

But if you fancy betting on the draw then take the odds being offered which are currently 13/5 or slap your money down on the 1/2 favourites to win as Morocco do look like they are going to win this match very easily for sure!

Plenty of Matches and Odds Worth Taking

As there are a good few international friendlies being played tomorrow you do have the pick of the bunch on which to bet but Finland at 6/5 do look like they have an outstanding chance of beating Belarus who are 23/10 to win that match and for anybody who wants to bet on the draw those draw odds are 21/10.

Sweden and Peru should be a match worth watching tomorrow and from a betting point of view Sweden are 7/5 to win, you should have no difficulties or problems betting the draw odds of 15/8 and if you think Peru are going to come out on top their win odds are the same as the draw odds those being 15/8.

Denmark should put in a good performance in their match against Mexico, and you will get odds of 5/4 on them winning, but never count out the fact that this match could end in a draw at 15/8 and Mexico are on offer all over the place at odds of 21/10!

You will find some very skinny odds on Spain winning, of just 2/9 in their match against Tunisia but those very low odds do mean that Tunisia are 11/1 to win that match and the draw is 4/1. The France vs USA match should go the way of France and their win odds are 1/8, the draw odds are 11/2 and the odds in the USA winning this match are high at 14/1!

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