Betting Markets on the Australian Grand Prix

March 22, 2018 March 21, 2018 Claire Aleman
Australian Grand Prix Betting

The betting markets have opened on the Australian Grand Prix and you are going to be blessed with a huge number of different betting opportunities, if you do fancy betting on your favourite team or driver.

As such I will give you a quick overview in todays news story to give you an indication on which teams and drivers many punters and sports bettors are placing their bets and wagers on.

Regarding who is the team and driver most likely to win this event, that is of course Mercedes and L. Hamilton and the best odds I have so far seen on the early betting markets for this event for him to win are even money.

Ferrari and S. Vettel can be had at odds generally available at 100/30, however I would not put you off betting on Red Bull and M. Verstappen and there is quite a bit of interest in him on the betting markets for his odds on winning this event outright are reasonable at 11/2.

Both Mercedes and V. Bottas 15/2 and Red Bull with D. Ricciardo can be had at odds of 15/2 to win the Australian Grand Prix and the closet other team and driver to the above is Ferrari and K. Raikkonen at odds of 25/1,

The other drivers are at least 66 to 1 bar the above and as such those other drivers do appear to have no chance of winning, but anything is of course possible so never forget that!

Which Team will be the Race Winner?

If you fancy placing a bet on just which team is going to win the Australian Grand Prix, then there are no shortages of betting sites and sportsbooks that have such a betting market open and on offer, and as such you will find plenty o paces to have a bet.

The current favourite team to win on all betting sites and betting markets I have come across so far is Mercedes and the odds on that team winning this event ate not going to make you rich for those odds are very low at 8/13!

You may fancy the chances of Red Bull and if you do think that they are going to win the Australian Grand Prix you are not alone, for this is a popular team in the betting markets, so much so their odds on winning have just dropped down to 5/2, so plenty of other punters are having a bet on them.

Ferrari can currently be had at odds of 11/4, and if you do fancy the chances of any of the other teams there are going to be some very high and quite tempting odds available on each of them as you are about to find out.

The odds on McLaren winning are high at odds of 50/1 and Renault can be had at odds of 100/1 if you do think that Force India have a chance of winning heir odds are currently huge at some 125/1 and the odds on Haas are 200/1, Williams are 500/1, Toro Rosso are 750/1 and the odds available on Sauber are gigantic at some 1000/1!

Which Driver Will Complete the Fastest Lap?

You can of course place a bet on which driver you think is going to perform the fastest timed lap on this event and the odds you will find on each driver are as follows.

The current favourite is of course Mercedes – L. Hamilton at odds of some 6/4, next we have Ferrari – S. Vettel at 5/2, Mercedes and V. Bottas are available at odds of 5/1 and Red Bull and M. Verstappen are 8/1. Both Red Bull – D. Ricciardo and Ferrari – K. Raikkonen are on offer at odds of 10/1 and McLaren – F. Alonso can be had at odds of 33/1.

There are six drivers whose odds are all 66 to 1 to be named as the driver who does complete the fastest lap and I wouldn’t put you off betting on any of them and those drivers are McLaren – S. Vandoorne, Haas – R. Grosjean, Force India – E. Ocon, Force India – S. Perez, Haas – K. Magnussen, Renault – N.Hulkenberg and Renault – C.Sainz.

You will find the odds on the other drivers are in three figures and they include Williams – S. Sirotkin at 250/1, Williams – L. Stroll at 300/1, and Sauber – C.L eclerc , Sauber – M. Ericsson 500/1, B. Hartley and also Toro Rosso – P. Gasly can all be had at odds of 500/1

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