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March 19, 2018 March 19, 2018 David Nugent
Snooker Championship

Llandudno in deepest darkest North Wales in the UK is where the 2018 Players Championship Snooker Tour is headed today, and there are plenty of matches scheduled to run over the next few days, and as you would expect the prize purse is a large one and there are plenty of players eager to get a share of it.

If you are considering placing a bet on the Players Championship, then you are going to find plenty of betting sites and bookmakers sites and shops will be offering you a very impressive range of different betting opportunities, and as such you are going to find plenty of different things to bet on.

The most common types of bets placed on snooker matches if you are not aware of them, include a simple outright winner bet, and all that you need to do to place such a bet is to select the player in any individual match that you think is going too win, and by betting on him if he does you are paid out at the odds you took when placing that bet.

You are also going to find that is snooker tournaments such as the Players Championship, you are going to be able to place a bet on the snooker player you think will win the tournament. Keep in mind though the odds on that betting market are going to change as soon as the results of each individual match are known!

Who Will Win the Players Championship?

The outright betting markets may be one that you are interested in placing your bets and wagers on, and if so then you will of course need to know what odds are available on each of the snooker players.

At this current moment in time is it O’Sullivan, Ronnie who leads the way and he is currently the 9/4 favourite to win this event, however not far behind him in the betting markets are Higgins, John whose odds on winning this event outright are 5/1 and Selby, Mark whose odds are reasonable I suppose at 7/1.

Those players who are in with a chance of winning also include Trump, Judd at 9/1, Williams, Mark at 12/1, and it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise if Robertson, Neil or Allen, Mark do win this event and both of those two snooker players have the same odds associated with them doing so and those odds are 14/1

Junhui, Ding is also on offer at odds of 16/1 and you will get odds of 22/1 on Murphy, Shaun winning but if you are looking or value both Maguire, Stephen and Day, Ryan can be had at odds of 28/1 currently.

The odds on Bingtao, Yan and Wilson, Kyren winning are 33/1 and both Brecel, Luca and McGill, Anthony are trading at high odds of 66/1, the total outsider to win is Dott, Graeme and if you do think he has a chance of winning then his odds of 100/1 are worth taking right now!

Bet on Individual Matches in the Players Championship

The odds available on the individual matches spread over the next few days are possible going to be of interest to you if you want to watch each match but also have a financial interest in each of them.

As such let me take a look at the odds on the matches today the 19th of March 2018, in the 19:00 match between Ding, Junhui and Allen, M the former players has odds of winning that match of 8/11and the latter named players odds of winning are 11/10.

The other match todays also starts at 19:00 and that is the Murphy, S v Wilson, K match the first player named is the favourite to win but only just, and his odds are 8/11 and the odds of his opponent are 11/10.

Tomorrows matches may also be of interest to you and therefore on the 20th of March 2018 you will find three matches schedules and the odds on the Williams, Mark v Yan, Bingtao match are 4/6 and 6/5 respectively, the odds on Selby, M v Day, R are 4/11 and 2/1, the odds on the Brecel, L v Robertson, N match are 15/8 and 2/5 and the odds for the O’Sullivan, R v Dott, G match are 1/7 and 9/2 selectively.

One the 21 March 2018 the odds on the Higgins, J v Mcgill, A match are 1/4 and 11/4and the odds for the Trump, J v Maguire, S match are 4/9 and 7/4.

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