Bookmakers Report Large Volumes of Cash for the King George VI Chase

August 27, 2018 August 27, 2018 Christopher Andrews

There is always a lot of interest in the early betting markets for most major horse races, and it can often be months before such a race is due to be run that a bookmaker will open and make live their ante post betting markets.

What punters do like about betting well in advance of any major horse race actually starting, via ante post betting markets is that they can often secure some much higher odds on all of the horses running in any race.

Many bookmakers are reporting some huge volumes of cash are already being placed on the ante post and early betting markets for this year’s King George VI Chase, which is surprising to be honest, as that race isn’t scheduled to be run until Boxing Day, that being the 26th of December this year!

In fact, it does appear that one horse that punters are apparently latching onto in great numbers is Might Bite, so much money has been placed on that horse already its odds of winning that race have dropped right down to 5/2, with many bookies speculating those odds could drop even lower much sooner rather than later.

Ante Post Betting Markets Explained

There are always going to be risks if and when you do decide to make use of any ante post betting market, for you have to keep in mind that a horse could be withdrawn from a race before it is run or could lose its form in the months leading up to any horse race starting.

However, those risks are often offset somewhat by the much higher odds that punters can make use of, and as such value is what punters will be getting if they are prepared to take the risks of making use of such a betting market.

King George IV Chase Race

As for any other horses that are being backed on the ante post betting market for this year’s running on the King George IV Chase, well there are two horses that are attracting a small bit of cash, but nowhere near as much as is being bet on Might Bite.

Those two horses are Waiting Patiently that is available at odds of 6/1 and also Presenting Percy who can be backed at odds of 8/1, in fact the money being bet on those two horses is mainly from each-way punters!

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