Chester Races Ladies Day

May 12, 2018 May 13, 2018 Amanda Rothman
Chester Races Ladies Day

I quite like Colleen Rooney. She’s young, intelligent, has the patience of a saint, puts her children before her own needs, has shown huge amounts of resilience when plastered all over the front page of the press, and ironically, especially for a WAG, she knows and understands what it’s like to work hard for what you have.

You see, the thing with the WAG club, is except for the odd few, they literally bag a footballer who earns more in a week than most people do in a year, and then spend the rest of their lives ‘bimbo-ing’ up. The dresses get smaller, the hats get bigger and the shoes get higher. In fact, I’m amazed that some of them don’t need a crane and hoist to get them into some of the towering monstrosities I’ve seen recently. This is meant to be the horse racing at Chester, not lap dancing night at the Eager Beaver in New York.

Yet Mrs. Rooney breaks this mould. Wearing an asymmetric off the shoulder number, she achieved 2 things. She flashed a bit of leg and shoulder, but still managed to contain her modesty. While other ‘ladies’ were practically showing us what only their gynaecologist should see, Colleen managed to keep it ‘racy’ but classy, and not a VPL in sight!

Latest Fashion Always on Display

I love fashion, and I love edgy designs, and the designers who think out of the box, but there is a huge difference between high end fashion that’s commanding attention, and what looks like second hand, bargain basement lingerie that’s literally held together with not much more than hope that it won’t split.

I’ve worked on stage, and the cardinal rule of any production is tattoos are a big no-no. Have them by all means, but be prepared to either cover them, or have them where no one will see them, hence why my tattoo is on my stomach, under my clothes, completely out of site unless I take my shirt off.

Instead, what I’ve seen from Ladies Day this year is an intertwining bunch of tramp stamps, far too much flesh (and cellulite), hideous high heels and the etiquette of a 4-month-old baby.

By all means dress to impress, but less (flesh) is more. Wear a classy cocktail dress, show a bit of cleavage, what we don’t want to see is whether you’ve got a vaginal piercing! The general rule of dressing yourself is very simple, if you don’t feel covered, then you’re not!

Learn Racecourse Etiquette

A day at the races always involves drink, and this must be considered, as inhibitions leave us unfortunately so do our best intentions. We go from modest and demure to loud and abrasive, keep this in mind for big events where class means everything. Also, it’s probably a good idea to remember that if the skirt is above the knee, if you don’t sit with your legs shut, the entire world gets a good look, Fatal Attraction style.

All the above being said however, a day at the races, be that horses or the dogs is always a pleasant day out and breaks the mundanity of the weekly grind, and when the sun’s out too and the drinks are flowing, it can be a really pleasant day, just be sure to pack sunscreen, the last thing you want is to burn!

Depending on the ticket type you buy, you’ll be positioned either in the main spectators area or one of the VIP areas or boxes, making the races actually a very good place to mingle with other like minded race goers.

As the racing season is underway, it’s also an ideal way to have a day out with friends that is a bit different, especially as after a while the usual routine of sitting in the pub every Saturday afternoon can get a bit boring.

If you’re a hen or stag do and want something a little more decadent and unusual, a day at the races could well be the event you’re looking for. Just remember that there is a dress code, and not following it will lead to you and your party not being granted admission.

You also don’t have to gamble big amounts, in fact you don’t need to gamble at all.

We are sure that you’ll enjoy a day at the races, and if the sun’s out, it just makes it even more enjoyable, especially when you have a cool drink in one hand and a winning slip in the other!

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