Consider Placing an Accumulator on Today’s Group Matches

June 26, 2018 June 26, 2018 David Nugent

There are four matches that you are going to be able to bet on individually in the Group Stages of the World Cup 2018 today, however having looked at the form of the teams that are all playing each of those matches later today, it is one of those days when it may be financially beneficial to place an accumulator type bet on those matches.

When you place such a bet you are faced with picking out a number of different matches and then predicting whether they will end in a win for either team or whether the matches will end in a draw.

The winnings and your stake then roll over to each team you have bet on, and as such the pay-outs on such a bet even when betting for modest stakes can be huge, which is why such bets are worth placing every now and again.

As such below I will not only be listing and bringing to your attention which teams are worth betting on in an accumulator type of bet but also what the odds are on each of those matches too.

First Two Matches of the Day

The first two matches of the day today do kick off at the same time and the first match is Denmark vs France, and the team you should be selecting to win that match is France and the odds you will find on offer on them are 11/10

Australia are also playing Peru, and if you do fancy placing an accumulator type of bet then the smart team to back on it that match that has be far and away the very best chance of winning it is Peru and their odds of winning are 13/10.

Last Two Matches of the Day

The third team you should consider including in any accumulator type of bet you place today is Croatia who are going to be taking on Iceland later today, there odds of winning that match are 5/4 but when you do perm that team and those odds with the ones I have so far mentioned there is the chance of a decent winning pay-out of course!

If you want to place a four team World Cup accumulator type of bet today on the teams playing their matches today then the final one I would include in such a bet is Argentina and their win odds are generally on offer at 8.15, so they are the favourites to win that particular match.

Be aware though that if you do place an accumulator type of bet you need to place just one single stake and every single team you list in your bet must win for the winnings and stakes to roll over to the other teams you have listed in your bet.

If any of the teams that you do select on such a bet lose their respective matches then your bet is not a winning one but a losing one of course!

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