Could an African Team Win the World Cup?

June 10, 2018 June 10, 2018 David Nugent
African World Cup Teams

One question that I am sure you may have regarding who is going to be the team that is most likely going to win this year’s World Cup soccer tournament, is whether it will be one of the African based teams that will come out on top.

That is a good question, for to be fair most people will be looking at one of the European teams as the one most likely to win, but if there is one thing the World Cup is famed for it is the unexpected, and you never know one of the African teams could win.

Senegal Looking Good

Weighing up the form and experience of the teams that are taking part in the World Cup from Africa, if there is one team that does have by far and away the very best chances of winning this year’s World Cup is Senegal.

Whilst that team may not be one you are very familiar with, the makeup of their team this year is excellent and it would be no surprise to see them making their way through the Group Stages at the expense at several of the European teams.

You should of course never underestimate the team that is playing for Egypt this year,, for let’s face it they have already made it through to the Group Stages of the World Cup and there is always going to be the chance they will perform well in this tournament.

However, whilst there is not a huge number of teams who are from Africa that have made it through to the Group Stages several of them have, but I think it is a fair bet that Senegal and Egypt will be the top performing ones.

Will Nigeria, Morocco or Tunisia to Win?

There are of course three other African nations that are going to be hoping their respective teams play well in the Group Stages, and for reference they are Nigeria who will have to improve their game to win, Morocco and Tunisia, however to be fair it is going to take some playing or any of those teams to reach the final.

In fact, I am thinking it will be extremely difficult for any of them to get through the Group Stages, for they do all face some of the best teams anywhere in the world in their respective groups, so it will be a miracle if any of them do make it through the Group Stages.

But expect the unexpected is something we have all become used to in the Group Stages, and what a final it would be if any of the African teams did manage to somehow get through to the final game.

Either way though, at the end of the day we are soon going to know just which teams do make it through to the final stages of the World Cup, and we do have several weeks of nonstop soccer viewing pleasure to look forward to, but one team is going to win, that is the only thing that will be guaranteed.

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