Betting News – Sportsbooks Increase the Number of Early Prices They Offer

December 19, 2017 December 21, 2017 Barbara Cohen

At the forefront of every single sports bettors mind is whether they are going to be assured of betting the very best odds available on the sporting events and sporting fixtures that they are going to be betting on now or in the future.

That has led to something of an increase in regards to the number and types of odds comparison websites at which anyone who does wish to place a bet can look up the odds currently available at a huge number of different betting sites, to allow them to see which one has the best odds available.

However, there are several betting sites that are famed for ensuring their loyal and regular customers do have access to some of the highest betting odds in the business, and the way they tend to offer those odds is by something known as an early prices betting market.

Those early prices betting markets go live very early in the morning and by making use of them you will find the payout odds on many of the sporting events and sporting fixtures scheduled much later in the day have been enhanced however those higher odds are only going to be available and guaranteed for a few hours at most!

Therefore as a sports bettor that is demanding the very highest odds possible then you are going to be best advised to make a point of checking out each betting sites early prices and then comparing them to ensure that you get the very best odds on whatever it is you are about to place a bet on!

However, the odds on any sporting event or the outcome on different sporting events and fixtures can of course fluctuate during the day and as such the odds that may have been enhanced first thing in the morning on the early prices betting markets could still be lower than the odds achieved much later in the day!

That is why some sports betting sites now attach a bet odds guarantee to many of the early price betting opportunities to ensure their customers never lose out by taking the odds first thing in the morning.

So for example, if you place a bet on a horse running later on the day and have taken the odds offered to you first thing in the morning on one of those early prices betting markets but the odds on your horse grow after you have placed your bet, then the betting site will guarantee to pay you out at those much higher odds instead of the lower ones you took!

That advantage of using a betting site that does offer best odds guarantees on their early prices betting markets is that if the odds drop on your horse for example, then you will have taken and be guaranteed of the higher odds you took in the morning!

So always check to see if both early prices and a best odds guarantee are available to you whenever you do choose to bet for some added betting value!

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