English Football League Play Offs

May 10, 2018 May 10, 2018 Claire Aleman
EFL Playoffs

The English Football League play offs are almost upon us, and not would be the best time to look at just what betting markets are on offer, in the hope you will be able to track down the highest possible odds on the teams you do fancy being promoted.

However, with there being so many different betting markets on each of those play off matches, what I will be doing today is giving you a breakdown of the outright betting markets, on which you can select one of the teams in the play offs that you think will be promoted.

Let me start off with the Championship, there are of course four different teams that will be battling for promotion this year, and to be fair any one of them could make it through the play offs and get promoted.

The current team that is attracting a lot of money on the betting markets is Fulham and you may be of the mind they are going to breeze through the play offs and then get promoted and if so mop up their odds of 7/4 on them doing so!

Middlesbrough and Aston Villa are two teams that really have excelled this season, and both do deserve their chances of being promoted and both of those two teams are 11/4 to do so. I am aware there may be plenty of Derby fans out there, and if you do fancy their chances and want to place a bet on them their odds of doing so are 9/2.

League 1 and League 2 Play Off Betting

Let me now give you a few ideas of some other betting opportunities that you may be interested in making use of, and I will begin with the League 1 play offs, on which if the betting markets and odds are anything to go by is likely to be a very hard-won battle for sure!

The current favourite, but only just is Rotherham, and if you fancy their chances of being promoted, and there is a very good chance they will be, then grab the current 9/4 odds many different betting sites are now offering on them.

Charlton do also have a very good chance of winning, and their odds of 5/2 does reflect those chances, and the two other teams that are involved in the play offs are both 3/1 to get promoted and those two teams are Shrewsbury and Scunthorpe.

Moving onto the League 2 play offs, yet again there are four teams all of whom are going to be playing out of their skin in the hope they do manage to win and then revel in the glory of being promoted, but who will get promoted will only be discovered once those play offs are out of the way of course!

You will find all betting sites will have pencilled in Coventry and Lincoln as one the two teams that are most likely to be promoted and their odds are around the 9/4 mark. However, never underestimate the ability of Notts County, as they could get promoted and their odds are 10/3, but if it is Exeter that you are a supporter of then the 3/1 win odds about them will be worth taking for sure.

National Premier Play Offs

You are only going to find two teams that are involved in the National Premier League play offs this year, and as such one of them is the red-hot favourite to be promoted, so there isn’t much value to be had by betting on that team.

It is of course Tranmere               who do appear, if the betting markets and to be fair their current form is to be taken at face value that have by far and away the best chance of being promoted, but you will not get very rich betting on them unless you wager some huge amounts of cash, for their odds are just 2/5!

There is of course the very real chance that their opponents could win and get promoted, and that is why I think you should seriously weigh up the chances of Boreham Wood winning, for when compared to the odds of Tranmere, you will be getting much better value betting on Boreham Wood at their current odds of 15/8.

However, as always it is going to be up to you fi you do bet on that play off and of course which of the many different betting sites you choose to place your football related bets and wagers at too!

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