Europa League Quarter Finals

April 2, 2018 April 2, 2018 David Nugent
Europa League Quarter Finals

The first leg of the Europa League Quarter Finals will be kicking off on the fifth of April 2018, so you still have plenty of time to place a bet if you do fancy placing a wager on any of the eight teams scheduled to play on that day.

The first match that has certainly been getting a lot of attention in the betting markets is the Arsenal v Cska Moscow match, it is Arsenal who are pencilled in as the team most likely to win this match and if you think they will the best odds I have come across on them doing so are 1/3, the draw is available at 19/5 and Cska Moscow are on offer a some huge odds to win of 17/2.

One match that is very uneven in the betting markets is the Atlético De Madrid v Sporting Cp match, and it is the home team who many people are going to win very easily, and that is something most bookmakers and betting sites think will happen for their odds on doing so are tiny at 3/10, you an however bet on the draw at 4/1 and the home teams odds are 10/1.

Two other matches worth checking out ate the Lazio v Fc Red Bull Salzburg match in which the home team are 7/10 the draw is 11/4 and the away team are 4/1 along with the Rb Leipzig v Olympique Marseille match in which the home team are 3/4, the draw is 13/5 and the away team are 18/5 to win.

Who Will Win the Europa League Title?

The teams that are in with a chance of winning the Europa League title this year are listed below, align with the best odds I have currently seen being offered on each of them.

As usual, be aware that those odds can and will change after the next set of matches, and you can place a bet on any team right now to win the title outright, or if you prefer you can bet on a team using an each way bet, and the place section of that bet will see you getting a third of the win odds if your team finishes first or second.

It is Atletico Madrid who are currently the favourite to win the Europa League Title and if you think they are in with a good chance of doing so the best odds currently available on them taking home the trophy are 11/8.

It is of course Arsenal who are the strong second favorite to win this event outright, and it is very true to say they have had a very good run of luck in the matches they have so far played in, and if you do fancy placing a bet on them their current win odds are generous at some 3/1.

Outsiders to Win the Europa League Title

Whilst any of the other teams could of course win the Europa League title this year, the bookmakers and betting site odds compilers do not think any of them will do so and as such there are some generous odds available on those six football teams.

You could get some amazing value if you do fancy the chances of either Lazio or RB Leipzig for both of those teams and on offer at quite a lot of betting sites at odds as high as 8/1 but do shop around as you may just find one or two betting sites or bookmakers sites offering slightly higher odds on either of those two teams winning the event.

There may be some value to be had by betting on Marseille right now if you do think they have what it takes to win the title and if so the odds on offer are 10/1, however if you fancy placing a bet on RB Salzburg the their odds are around the 14/1 mark.

Two teams that do not appear, on paper at least, have any chance what so ever of winning are Sporting Lisbon who you will readily find on offer at odds of 25/1 align with CSKA Moscow who can be had at odds of 33/1.

If you do fancy placing a bet on either of those two rank outsiders, then definitely do shop around for there will be plenty of betting exchanges especially that will be offering you much higher odds than any betting site or bookmakers sites will be offering you on them winning the title this year!

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