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March 14, 2018 March 14, 2018 Barbara Cohen

There are lots of unique betting markets going live on most races at Cheltenham over the remaining days of the Cheltenham Festival, however you may be blissfully unaware to those extras markets, and if you are then you need to read on to find out what they are going to be offering you.

I have come across a range of betting sites that are going to be offering you something known as an Insurance Betting option, if you choose to place a bet on one of the horses in the race that extra betting market is based around and your horse gets placed as opposed to winning then you get your stake money back.

There is also an extra betting market live on all races this afternoon that is offering punters who back a horse to win something known as Faller Insurance, and as such if you back a horse to win in those betting markets and the horse falls you will get your money back.

Another popular type of betting markets that you will come across today are betting without the favourite markets, and as such for betting purposes the favourite is removed from those betting markets and you can bet on any other runner to either win or come second to the favourite.

One final extra betting market is the place only betting market, when making use of such a betting market you simply must pick a horse to get placed in one of the top positions of that race and it is does your bet is a winning one.

Betting without Samcro in the 13:30 Cheltenham Race

To give you some idea of the odds that you are going to be able to get on some of those extra betting markets I described above, I will now give you an insight into the odds available on the betting without Samcro betting markets.

That horse is running in the 13:30 race at Cheltenham and as such if you do fancy placing this type of bet why not set about placing one of that first race at Cheltenham today as you may like the way the bet works and if so you can continue to place similar bets all afternoon!

Aye Aye Charlie is 40/1 to win or come second to Samcro, Black Op is available at odds of 3/1 and if you think Brahma Bull will win the first race of the day or come second to Samcro the odds you will be offered currently are 10/1.

Another of the other horses could win or come second of course, and as such here are their respective odds currently of doing so. Coolanly is 33/1Diablo De Rouhet is 50/1, Duc Des Genievres is 7/2, Gowiththeflow is 20/1, Knight In Dubai is  50/1, Mind’s Eye is 20/1,Next Destination is on offer at even money, Scarpeta is  12/1 and Vision Des Flos is 11/2, so the odds really are there for the taking if you fancy placing such a bet online!

Placing Your Cheltenham Bets Optimally

The art to you getting the maximum possible returns from any bets and wagers that you do decide to place on Cheltenham today going to see you having to spend quite a bit of time choosing just where you place your bets, for there are hundreds if not thousands of betting sites to pick and choose from.

Be on the lookout for any cash back or free bet type promotional offers that are bound to be given aware and on offer at several betting sites todays, most of which are going to be on offer to new customers of those betting sites and bookmaker’s sites and apps of course.

If you do want to ensure that when you want to place a bet on Cheltenham you are getting the best current odds available from all betting sites them consider taking a look at using an odds comparison site, for by doing so you can then type in the race you are thinking of betting on and the odds for all runners will then be displayed that are currently available from lots of different betting sites.

However, one of the easiest ways that you are going to be always virtually guaranteed of getting he very best odds is by you making use of a betting exchange, so make sure that is something you do for there are plenty of betting exchanges available and you can ask for your own preferred odds when using them!

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