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January 5, 2018 January 5, 2018 Barbara Cohen

The FA Cup soccer tournament is now in its third round stage, and later today there are two matched scheduled to start and many more on Saturday.

This year’s FA Cup Final does almost clash with the Royal Wedding, however your other half should be able to watch it in all it entirety and then you still have time to bag your spot in the sofa and watch the match!

The teams that do look like they have the best chance of winning the FA Cup this year, and those that are currently having the largest volumes of wagers being placed on them by punters across the globe include Man City who are currently 4/1 to lift the trophy, Chelsea are also fancied by many people to win are available at odds of 11/2.

If your loyalties lay with Man Utd then you should seriously consider snapping up the rather tempting odds of 6/1 on them winning, and you will also find a couple of other teams do have a good chance of winning including Tottenham at 8/1 and also Liverpool at 9/1.

You will find many bookmakers’, Sportsbooks and also betting sites and betting apps will let you place an each way type of bet on any of the teams in the FA Cup this year, and you will be paid out at half the odds currently listed on the place part of such bets if your chosen team finishes first or in second place.

FA Cup Third Round Matches 05 January 2018

There are just two matches scheduled to kick off later today and below you find not only information on which teams and playing each other but also the odds on the home, draw or away win.

Keep in mind though that it will be completely determined by which betting site you do place such bets at in regards to the odds you will be offered, and as always I recommend that you shop around to make sure that you are getting the highest valued odds on the team or teams you want to win later tonight.

At 19:55 tonight Liverpool v Everton is the first matched scheduled to kick off and Liverpool are of course red hot favourites to in that match with odds of around 2/5 on offer for them to win that match, the draw odds are reasonable at 18/5, however if you do fancy the chances of Everton then you will find odds available of around 7/1.

The only other match tonight in the FA Cup Third Round is at 20:00 and that match is Manchester United v Derby County.

Many punters cannot see beyond Manchester Unities winning that match and as such their odds on doing so reflect their chances, and those odds on them winning are1/4. The odds on a draw are 5/1 and if you want to try and win big and you do fancy the chances of Derby then their win odds are huge at 11/1!

FA Cup Third Round Matches 06 January 2018

There are plenty of matches all scheduled to kick off on the 6th of January 2018 in the Third Round of the FA Cup and as such with way too many to list here I have picked out a few matches that may be of interest to you from a betting points of view.

The first match to kick off is at 12:45 and that match is Fleetwood Town v Leicester City, the odds for Fleetwood Town winning are 4/1, and the draw is generally available at odds of 3/1. However, it is Leicester City that are favourites to win this match at odds of 8/13.

The second match will be kicking off at 13:00 and that match is Middlesbrough v Sunderland, you will get odds of 4/5 on a home team win and 5/2 on the draw and the away team is currently pencilled in at odds of around 18/5.

There are plenty of matches scheduled to start at15:00 one of which is Aston Villa v Peterborough United. Aston Villa are the firm favourite to in that match at odds of 4/7 of them doing so and you will get odds of 3/1 about the drawn but if you do fancy Peterborough United their odds on winning are 9/2.

One final match that may or may not be of interest to you but it certainly will be to supporters of the home team is the 15:00 match that is AFC Bournemouth v Wigan Athletic. The home team have odds of 4/5 the draw is available at odds of 11/4 and Wigan Athletic who do actually have a good chance of winning this match can be had at odds of 17/5.

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