Festival of Greyhound Racing at Sunderland Stadium

July 16, 2018 July 16, 2018 David Nugent

The Festival of Greyhound Racing is the event in the Greyhound racing calendar that is sure to get punters flocking to the track up at Sunderland a little later this week, and it is on Wednesday night that we are going to see this year’s top greyhounds all battling it out in the many races held at that stadium.

Through the last few months there have of course been lots of heats in which hundreds of greyhounds have been competing, all of which will culminate in the finals of each of the major races lined up that night.

As such, if you are planning on visiting the track or are planning an evening watching the races being played don at home of television, then allow me to let you know where the best betting value currently lays, and that is of course on the ante post betting markets.

As for the likely winner of the Sunderland Classic race I think it will be King Turbo that is going to cross the winning line in first place, and I am also convinced that the greyhound following King Turbo home in second position will be King Elvis!

Likely Winner of the Sunderland Classic Race

Having spent the last few hours working out the form of the six greyhounds that are going to be running in the Sunderland Classic Final on Wednesday night, there are only three greyhounds that I think have any reasonable chance of winning.

Those three greyhounds are Lightfoot King, Bombers Bullet and Ballymac Twitter, and with that in mind it may be beneficial for you to perm them together in a straight forecast type of bet or even include them all in a Tricast bet, in what order though, I will leave that up to you to decide!

Who Will Win the Sunderland Festival Flyer?

Punters are having a very hard time trying to work out just which greyhound that is going to be running in the Sunderland Festival Flyer race is going to cross the finishing line in first place, for whilst Queen Anna is the current favourite to do so, I would never discount any of the other five greyhounds to win this race either!

Even though Ballymac Sexton and Moanteen Haye are going to be house in traps 3 and 4 respectively, if they do get a clear run to the first bend and make the corner unscathed then they are going to be very hard to peg back if either of them do get around the first bend leading, and the odds currently on offer on both of those two greyhounds are 7/2.

You may actually fancy the chances of greyhounds such as Hold’em Messi and Tree Top Jet but at their current odds of 6/1, those odds do give you an idea of their likely chances of winning that race, one greyhound though that is very easy to dismiss is the one in trap 6 that being Make The News, who will certainly make the news if it wins at its ante post odds of 25/1!

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