Fury v Seferi Betting Opportunities

June 7, 2018 June 6, 2018 Claire Aleman
Fury v Seferi Betting Opportunities

I am sure that you will have already formed your own opinion on who you think is going to win the Fury v Seferi bout later this month, and whilst you may have already booked you spot in front of the sofa on the 9th of June 2018, you may not have yet chosen which bet to place on that match.

As it can feel like you are negotiating a minefield when betting on boxing matches these days, especially major bouts such as the Fury v Seferi match, then help me help you by giving you a full insight into some of the best types of bets and wagers that you can place on that bout, all of which are fully listed below for you!

Win or Draw Odds and/or Method of Victory Odds

For Tyson Fury to win this match at any point you will find the odds are tragically low at 1/100, the draw looks a fun bet at 33/1 and for Sefer Seferi to win the odds are huge at 20/1!

You can also bet on the method of victory that either boxer will win by, and for Tyson Fury to be declared the winner by a Ko, Tko Or Disqualification the odds are 1/10, but for him to be declared the winner on Points the odds are higher at 5/1.

You would of course fancy the chances of Sefer Seferi winning by either a Ko, Tko Or Disqualification and the odds are attractive on that bet being as they are currently as high as 25/1 for the match to be won by Sefer Seferi on Points you can get odds of 50/1 and the Draw odds ae 33/1!

Fury Round Winner Odds

As it does look like a certainty that Fury is going to take this match in his stride, then you should try and place a bet that is going to see you getting some decent and high valued odds on him doing so.

The only way you are going to achieve that is by trying to predict in just which round he wins, and as such there is one betting market that will let you try and guess which of two rounds he will win the match in.

Take for example Fury to win in either the very first or second round the odds on that outcome are generous at 7/2, if you think he will beat his opponent in rounds 3-4 then take advantage of the odds available on that bet which are currently as high as 3/1 depending on which betting site you make use of.

For Tyson Fury to win in rounds 5-6 the odds are 7/2, for him to win in rounds 7-8 the odds are 9/2 and you can get odds of 7/1 on him winning in rounds 9-10, but do try and shop around for the very best odds you can find online, via a mobile betting app of even in a betting shop or sportsbook!

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