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March 13, 2018 March 13, 2018 Claire Aleman

Today is the day when the Cheltenham Festive begins, and it is often at this time of the year when punters are going to be able to get all manner of additional extras being offered to them by online betting sites and bookmakers that offer mobile betting apps too.

As such, if you are intending to bet on any of the races at Cheltenham over the next few days, then todays news story is going to be worth reading through, for I will let you know just what ways you can use to ensure you are locking in the absolute maximum betting value no matter on which races you do decide to place a bet on.

The first thing you need to be aware of, is that all betting sites and betting apps will be very eager to use the Cheltenham Festival as a way that they can acquire lots of new customers, and as such there is going to be a plethora of special sign up and welcome bonuses being made available to you over the next few days.

Those sites up promotional offers usually take the shape of a free bet and as such look around and see if any betting sites or betting apps you are not currently using and are not currently a customer of are going to give you access to a range of free bets, and then make sure of them as they do guarantee you of betting value!

Early Price Betting Markets

I would make a point of getting up bright and early whilst the Cheltenham Festival is up and running, for by doing so you are going to find lots of betting sites that are going to be offering you what are known as early priced betting markets.

First thing each morning most of betting sites and betting apps will list on their websites all the races they are offering early prices on, and as such what they tend to of is to enhance the odds on some of the runners in those races, if you are prepared to get your bets placed first thing in the morning.

As a bonus for doing so what you will also find many of those betting sites will do is to also guarantee you the best odds possible on your chosen horses.

Meaning that if the price you take first thing in the morning are lower in value than the SP announced after the runner of the respective race, the betting company will pay you out at those higher odds instead of the ones you took.

There really is a lot to be said about using early prices found at many betting sites, and you have nothing to lose if there is a best odds guarantee also on offer on the betting markets and betting platforms you do make use of as you are always going to be paid out at the odds you took or the Starting Price of the winning horse if it is higher in value than the odds you took first thing in the morning!

Plenty of Value on Betting Exchanges

As the volumes of cash being placed on every single individual horse race throughout the Cheltenham Festival are going to be huge, it is also worth keeping in mind that there are plenty of betting exchanges that you can also make use of too.

When you do make use of a betting exchange you are not only going to often find some much bigger odds being available to you on every single horse race, but you can also ask for the odds you want too.

Those peer to peer betting exchanges also allow you to lay bets off other punters, so if after studying the form of the horses running in any races, you are convinced that several of them have no chance what so ever of winning their respective races, then you can lay odds and take bets off other punters using a betting exchange!

That is certainly something worth considering doing, for there is of course only ever going to be one winner of any horse race, unless there is a dead heat, and with so many punters now using betting exchanges, so keep that in mind and always keep your options open in regards to where you to place your bets and wagers.

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