Gibraltar Open Snooker Tournament First Round Matches

March 7, 2018 March 7, 2018 Claire Aleman
Gibraltar Open Snooker Tournament

For those sports fans with something of a passion for Snooker, the Gibraltar Open snooker tournament always does make for compulsive viewing, and it is on the 9th of March 2018 that the first round of matched will be taking place.

This year’s sees a huge number of snooker players taking part in the Gibraltar Open snooker tournament, and the four players that do find themselves at the top of the betting markets include are Ding Junhui at 11/2, Stuart Bingham at 7/1, Shaun Murphy at 8/1 and Barry Hawkins at 9/1.

However, with those of you for a passion for snooker but also a passion for betting, then it will possibly be in the individual matches that you will be most interested in placing a few bets and wagers.

If that is the case I am going to be looking at the matches that are scheduled to take place on the 9th of March 2018 below, so that you can get your bets and wagers on in plenty of time for them starting.

One thing that you are likely to find if you are the type of sports bettor that likes to shop around for the best odds, is that there isn’t that much of a difference regarding the odds you will find available on each of the following matches, however below are the best odds I have so far found being offered on each of them.

S Bingham Odds on to Win

One of the first matches to kick off on the 9th of March 2018 is the 08:30 match between A Higginson and S Bingham, and it is S Bingham that is the odds-on favourite to win this match with his current odds of 3/10 which are considerably higher than the odds of 5/2 on his opponent.

Another match that is scheduled to start and should start at 08:30 is the Dale, D v Totten, C match and it is Dale that is the 2/9 favourite to win this match and the odds of Totten are of course much higher at 10/3, so if all goes to plan Dale should very comfortably take this match in his stride.

You are not going to get any value what so ever if you choose to best on the 08:30 Ding, Junhui v Leong, Tc match, for as far as the bookies are concerned Ding is going to win this match, and his odds of 1/12 reflect his chances, however if you fancy placing a bet on Leong then the 13/2 odds being offered on him winning this match do seem fairly generous it has to be said.

There are thee matches that are schedule to take place at 10:00 on March the 9th and they include Stevens, M v Dunn, M and the former player is 4/7 odds on to win and his opponents odds are 11/8, the Yuan, Sijun v Cao, Yupeng match has Yuan a 13/8 outsider to win it with Cao available as the favourite at odds of  1/2 and in the Wakelin, C v Hawkins, B match Wakelin is on offer at odds of 5/2 and his opponents odds are 3/10.

Final Matches on the 9th of Mach 2018

The 10:30 Akbar, H v Jones, Jak match has Akbar on offer at odds of 6/4 and Jones pencilled in as the  8/15 favourite, in regards to the Greene, Gerard v Walker, L match that is a very close one on the betting markets with Green on offer at odds of 8/13 and Walker on offer at 5/4 so its anyone’s guess who will win that match but there is obvious value to be had by betting on it of course.

The odds on the Davison, P v McGill, A match sees Davidson on offer at odds of 7/2 and McGill is expected to win this match for his odds are tiny at just 1/5. You may fancy betting on the Grace, D v Woollaston, B match and if so the first named snooker player is on offer at odds of 15/8 but there is no value to be had on his opponent for his odds are tiny working out at just 2/5.

The later starting matches include the Lines, O v Slessor, E match, the Liang, W v Borg, Alex       match and also the Wilson, K v Joyce, M, Jones, Jamie v Williams, R, Astley, John v Robertson, J        and the Wells, D v Burns, I match.

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