Group to Score the Most Goals in the World Cup Betting

June 1, 2018 June 1, 2018 David Nugent
Which Group Will Score the Most Goals in the World Cup

It does seem that most people are having a few bets in the run up to the Group Stages of this year’s World Cup and having spend some time checking out the early betting markets I have to admit there are some excellent betting opportunities available!

One betting market that I have noticed is one on which you can try and predict just which Group are going to score the most goals, and that is certainly going to turn out to be an exciting bet, and one that may give you a financial interest in the Group Stages right through to the last goal being score!

Group G Firm Favourite

It could be the case that it will be the group that has, how can I say the least fancied teams to win the World Cup that are going to score the most goals, for teams the Groups that do have the favourites to win the tournament in them will not only have known goal scored in them but will also have a solid defence and goalkeepers too.

So, there may not be that many goals scored in those groups, no matter how hard the team of players work. It is Group G that are currently the bookmakers firm favourite Group to have the most goals scored in it, Group G is the one in which England are playing, and the odds I have found being offered on that group are 10/3.

World Cup 2018 Group A, B and C are the joint third favourite groups to have the most goals scored in them in the Group Stages of the World Cup, and the best odds I have so fact come across are 5/1 on each of them.

Groups Unlikely to Score the Most Goals

If you do fancy placing this type of bet then it will be up to your own skill and judgement as to just which team you do decide to bet on, however with Group F being on offer at odds of 11/2, that is one group that should attract a lot of money in the betting markets.

Group E are available at odds of 6/1, if you think Group D will have the most goals scored in the Group stages then now is the time to have a bet on that group as they are 7/1.

It is Group H that all betting sites bookmakers, sportsbooks and even soccer fans think is going to see the lowest number of goals scored in it, for the odds of that group being the one with the most goals in it are 9/1 which means they are the rank outsiders.

Keep in mind though, that there is now a plethora of unique and certainly novel bets and wagers that are going to become available to you on all manner of weird and wonderful things happening in the Group Stages, so if you are interested din placing some bets then have a good look around and compare not only those betting markets but the odds being offered to you too as they can and will vary from bookmaker to bookmaker!

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