How to Bet on the British Grand Prix

July 7, 2018 July 7, 2018 David Nugent

Trying to make sense of the plethora of different betting opportunities that are guaranteed to be coming your way in the run up to Sundays British Grand Prix is going to take a little time.

But having said that, there are three betting markets that are probably going to be of most interest to you, the first of which is of course the outright betting market, on which the current favourite is Lewis Hamilton who can be had at odds of 5/6 to win the main race.

There are a lot of people risking their money on him winning and on the balance of form he does appear to be the rider with the very best chances of winning, so I would not put you off betting on him if you are convinced he can take this race easily.

On the other hand you may be thinking about betting on some of the other top rated driers and if that is the case the four to concentrate your efforts on are S. Vettel at 7/2 along with V. Bottas at 11/2 and M. Verstappen at 15/2, and it is fair and true to say any of those three drivers do posses the skills and abilities to win the British Grand Prix this Sunday!

Placing Bets on the Team to Win

Believe it or not you can get odds of 1000/1 on the Williams’ team winning the British Grand Prix, but you do have to realise their odds are only that huge as they have very little chance of winning, and the same can be said for both the Sauber team and the Toro Rosso team who are both on offer at 750/1!

The teams that are much more likely to win include the likes of Mercedes which looks at rock solid and sensible bet at 4/9, you can also get Ferrari at odds of 9/4 and the only other team with a reasonable and realistic chance of winning is Red Bull at 7/2!

Extra Betting Markets

One other betting markets that does have some quite attractive odds associated with it is the one on which you are tasked with nothing more daunting than try to guess just which driver will record the fastest lap time during the main race.

I know many of your out there will fancy the chances of Lewis Hamilton for if he does get a clear run there is always the chance he could record the fastest lap time and the odds currently available on him doing just that are 5/2.

However, it is very true to say that drivers such as V. Bottas could get the fastest lap time and with odds of him doing just that of around the 3/1 mark, that does look something of a value bet and one that I am sure plenty of people will be tempted to place!

S. Vettel could also get the honour of the fastest lap time and his odds are 7/2, but casting an eye over each of the other drivers there are two others who could do so and they are D. Ricciardo 4/1 and M. Verstappen who are both 4/1 to do so!

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