Indian Premier League Matches and Betting

May 15, 2018 May 15, 2018 David Nugent
Indian Premier Leagues Matches

There is just one match that you can bet on today in the Indian Premier League, however now would also be a good time to place an outright winner bet, as I have seen some betting sites offering excellent and high valued odds.

However, before I do look at and guide you through that Indian Premier League outright betting market let me enlighten you on today’s match and give you an insight into which way the match may just go.

It will be at 15:30 if you are based on the US that the Kolkata Knight Riders v Rajasthan Royals match will be starting, and regarding the way the betting markets are going it looks like the home team are in with the best chances of winning that match.

There current odds may not be that amazing at 8/13, but when you consider their form those odds are not too bad compared with the 5/4 you are going to get on their opponents.

I should also point out to you that you are also going to have available to you all manner of additional and unique bets not only before that match does get underway but also when it is in play, for many betting sites are offering a live in-play betting market on this event.

So, if you do place a bet before the ff and it doesn’t look like it is going to go your way, then make sure that you consider hedging that bet during the time those in-play betting markets are open and available to you!

Chennai Super Kings and the Sunrisers Hyderabad

Let me now give you some ideas as to where the smart money is going on the outright betting markets in the Indian Premier League, for there is some value to be had if you are prepared to place a bet on some of the outsiders in that league, as opposed to betting on the favourites!

There are in fact two favourites currently to win the Indian Premier League outright and those two teams are Chennai Super Kings and the Sunrisers Hyderabad and whilst it is going to be highly likely one of those two teams will indeed win their odds of 7/4 are not that high or appealing.

So, it may just be beneficial for you to consider placing a bet on one of the next two teams in the betting, for whilst there is of course a lesser chance that one of the next two teams in the betting will win their odds are much bigger.

One team that is currently third in the betting are the Kolkata Knight Riders, now what I do find attractive about their odds currently is that they are 8/1 to win this league outright, and as such you will still be placing a fair bet at fair odds if you do decide to bet on them.

There is of course always the chance that Royal Challengers Bangalore could beta their odds and win this league outright, so I would not put you off betting on them if you think they will and those odds for reference are 10/1!

Outsiders to win the Indian Premier League

There are of course three other teams, that could be in with a chance of winning the Indian Premier League outright, but they do appear to be completely friendless in the betting markets and as such they are all the rank outsiders.

But you will not need me to tell you than anything could happen in this league and there is of course a chance one of those outsiders could come out on top, and if they do and you have backed them at this stage in the season then the regards will be there for the taking of course!

With that in mind the first team you should study and see if they do have any chance what so ever of winning the league outright is Kings XI Punjab for the odds I have come cross today have been as high as 12/1 which is a fair valued bet it does have to be said!

Another team to consider is the Rajasthan Royals and the bookmakers all think they have very little chance of winning and their odds, much like the team above of winning the league outright are high at 12/1.

There is one additional team left in the betting market and that is the Mumbai Indians, and if they are a team you follow you may just be tempted by their outright win odds of 14/1!

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