International Friendlies for the 27th March 2018

March 27, 2018 March 27, 2018 David Nugent
International Friendlies

You are in for a real treat if you are a football fan today, for there are plenty of international friendlies taking place throughout the day, and as such I am not only going to let you know which national football teams are playing each other today, but I will give you an insight into each teams win odds too.

The trick to getting the best possible odds on any football teams you fancy playing a bet on is by shopping around and then comparing the odds available at as many online, mobile and even land-based sportsbooks, betting sites and bookmaker’s sites as you can

But also keep in mind that all international friendlies scheduled to play each other today will also be found listed on betting exchanges too, and by using sites a betting platform you can now only bet on any team to win, you can also back or even lay a team to win or lose too!

There are two matches scheduled to kick off today at 11:00, for reference I am using GMT Summer Time on this news story, the first of those matches is the Tanzania v Congo Dr match which sees the home team at 4/1 the dear at 13/5 and the away team at 8/11.

The other matches scheduled to kick off at11:00 is the Laos v Bangladesh match and the home team are 8/11 the dear odds are 11/4 and you can bet on the away team at odds of 19/5.

Japan Versus Ukraine

There are plenty of other matches taking place today such as the 13:20 Japan v Ukraine match and in that match, Japan are on offer at odds of 2/1 the draw odds are 11/5 and you can get 6/4 on Ukraine if you hunt around and place your bets nice and early,

At 14:00 it is the Uganda v Malawi match that will be kicking off and the home team are 8/13 the draw odds are reasonable and standard at 5/2 but the home team are the outsiders to win that match at odds of 11/2.

The16:00 match between Georgia v Estonia sees the home team being 5/6 the draw being 12/5 and the away team being 19/5, another match kicking off at the same time is the Armenia v Lithuania match, the home team are long odds on to win at 3/5 the draw is on offer at 11/4 and the away team are 5/1.

Another match scheduled to kick off at 16:00 is the Kenya v Central African Republic match the home team are 11/10 the draw odds are low at 2/1 and the away team are 16/5. There should be a lot of interest in the 16:50 Russia v France match and the home team’s odds are high at 11/2 the draw odds are 3/1 and it is France who are likely to win that match and their odds are low at 8/15.

You can also bet on the 17:00 match that is the Iran v Algeria match on which Iran are available at odds of 11/8 the draw odds are 2/1 and the away teams odds are 12/5.

Additional International Friendlies Being Held Today

There are even more international friendlies being held today and below I have listed the matches that are likely to attract the most money on the betting markets and as those matches will have plenty of fluidity on those betting markets there may be some value to be had by hunting around.

The 17:00 match that is the Azerbaijan v Fyr Macedonia match for example should be an interesting one from a betting point of view and the home team are 12/5 to win that match and you will get   21/10 on the draw and will also be able to bet on the away team at odds of 13/10.

Another match that there will be plenty of different betting sites, sportsbooks and bookmakers offering odds on is the 17:00 match between Kosovo and Burkina Faso and the home team are on offer at odds of 16/5 you will have no difficulties getting 11/4 on the draw and the away teams odds are 17/20.

One final match that you may be interested in betting on is the 18:00 match, that being Switzerland v Panama the home team are the favourite at odds as low as 1/3 the draw odds are 19/5 but if you do fancy placing a win bet on Panama then you will find the odds of 9/1 tempting for sure.

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