Its Time to Bet on the Azerbaijan Grand Prix

April 28, 2018 April 28, 2018 Craig Anthony
Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Gone have the days when the only betting markets available on sporting events such as the Azerbaijan Grand Prix would see you only being able to bet on the team or driver you think would win it, for there are now a plethora of different betting markets available to you!

As such today I want to enlighten you on a range of different betting opportunities on the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, many of which you may be interested in placing.

What is worth knowing however is that there is plenty of value to be had when you do decide to bet on any Grand Prix, but only if you are prepared to spend some time shopping around for the best odds at a range of different betting sites.

However, with the advent of odds comparison betting sites you will find it is very easy to compare different betting sites and the odds available on the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, so make sur you consult one of those sites if you are on the hunt for the very best odds available as they are invaluable to all sports bettors.

Below you will find some of the best betting opportunities and their respective odds on this Grand Prix, and it will of course be up to you whether to place any bets or wagers on it but do keep your options open as there are plenty of different best you can place on that event.

Fastest Qualifier Driver

One aspect of any Grand Prix that is going to be of interest to you if you are an avid fan of one driver or team is that you will be hoping your chosen one manages to get the fastest qualifying time, and as such let me start off by giving you some ideas of who that could be and their respective odds of them doing so.

You will not be too surprised to hear that the smart money for the fastest qualifier is of course the Mercedes driver L. Hamilton and due to the sheer volume of bets and wagers and money being place don him he is currently the 5/4 to be the fastest qualifying driver.

However, there is some value to be had if you place a bet on drivers such as the Ferrari drive S. Vettel for due to the above driver being short odds to be the fastest qualifier his odds are 5/2, but also do keep in mind that the Mercedes driver V Bottas should never be underestimated and his odds are  9/2 to be the fastest qualifier in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

A few additional drivers to consider placing a bet on are the Ferrari driver K. Raikkonen whose odds are 5/1 and the Red Bull driver D. Ricciardo who is in with a chance at 15/2, and for a speculate bet think about betting on the Red Bull driver M. Verstappen who could surprise everyone with his high odds of 9/1.

Fastest Qualifier Team

Another fastest qualifier type of bet you can place and may just be tempted to do so is on just which team you think the fastest qualifying driver will come from. The odds on this betting markets are of course much lower than those offered on the one above, but therein lays a much easier chance of your placing a winning bet by having a lower risk one.

The firm and solid favourite team is of course Mercedes, and whilst you are not going to get rich betting on them due to their low odds, they are the team best placed to produce the driver with the fastest qualifying time and their odds are 4/6.

Next in the betting is Ferrari and it does appear that is will be a toss up between them and Mercedes as to just which team will priced the driver which does have the fastest qualifying time and if you do fancy a bet on them then the 5/4 odds of them doing so my just tempted you to do so.

The next most likely team to produce the driver who has the very fastest qualifying time is Red Bull and their odds of doing so are 7/2, apart from those teams the others are available at some huge odds including Force India at huge odds of 125/1, Renault at 150/1 and also McLaren whose odds may appeal to value hunters as they are huge at 200/1, the other teams are all  at least 400/1!

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