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June 12, 2018 June 12, 2018 Amanda Rothman

If you enjoy betting of football matches then I expect you have already started planning just which teams and matches you are going to be betting on in the Group Stages of the World Cup.

The very first match in those Group Stages is of course going to be kicking on at 16:00 this Thursday and all eyes will be on the host nation, that being Russia to win that match, and for reference it is of course Saudi Arabia they are going to be playing against in that match.

The odds are in Russia favour however for they are odds on to win that match, with the best odds I have so far been able to track down being 4/9 on Russia winning that match.

There are of course two other possible outcomes that could occur in that match one of them being a Draw and the odds of the match ending in a Draw are 16/5 and the odds on Saudi Arabia coming out on top and winning that match are 8/1.

Whilst most people may be interested in betting on the outright betting markets, there is much better value and much higher odds available on the correct score betting markets, so read on for an idea of some correct score bets that may be worth placing!

Best Correct Score Betting Odds

Make no mistake about it, the most money being placed on the Russia vs. Saudi Arabia match is going to be placed on the correct score betting market and as such let me now take a look at some of the scores that this match may just end in.

The betting site odds compilers think this match is going to be won by Russia with either a score of 1-0 or 2-0 as those are the two bets that have the lowest odds currently available on them

The 1-0 win result bet for Russia can be had at odds currently of  4/1 and the 2-0 win result bet for Russia is also on offer but at slightly higher odds of  9/2 you may fancy the chances of Russia winning by a  score of 2-1 and if so the odd son that result are 8/1.

For Saudi Arabia to win 1-0 the odds are 16/1 and for them to win by a score of 2-0 the odds are way higher and can be as high as 40/1 depending on just which betting site you choose to bet at!

Draw Odds

I doubt you are going to get overly excited at the odds being offered at most betting sites on this match being a draw, for those odds as indicated below are just 16/5.

However, the correct score draw odds are much higher in value and with the 0-0 draw odds being 15/2, the 1-1 draw odds being 7/1 and the 2-2 draw odds being 25/1, if you are convinced this match is going to be a draw then make sure you pick out which correct score you bet on!

You are also going to be able to bet on a 3-3 draw at odds of 175/1, a 4-4 draw at odds of 500/1 and also on the 5-5 draw also at high odds of 500/1!

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