Latest NBA Play Offs and NBA Outright Winner Betting Markets

May 3, 2018 May 3, 2018 Barbara Cohen
NBA Play Off Betting

As you will be more than aware, we are now at the stage of the NBA season where the last few teams and in the play off stages, and it is true to say that any of the teams that are still in the tournament are all going to be battling to be crowned the winner.

Later, today, the Toronto Raptors will be taking on the Cleveland Cavaliers and it does look like the home team do have the upper hand in this match with most betting sites going 3/8 on the Toronto Raptors to win, however there is always the chance that the Cleveland Cavaliers could win, and I would not put you off betting on them at their current odds of 21/10!

Tomorrow, on the 4th of May 2018 it will be the turn of the Boston Celtics to take on the Philadelphia 76ers, and on paper at least this is a much closer run contest, with the home team on offer at odds of 6/4 and the away team being pencilled in as the favourite at odds of 8/15.

There are also going to be two more NBA plays offs scheduled for the 5th of May 2018, and the first match that will be being played that day is the match between New Orleans Pelicans and the Golden State Warriors            if you think the home team will win their odds are currently 7/5 whilst the odds of the away team are currently 4/7.

A couple of hours after the above match kicks off it will then be the turn of the Utah Jazz to take on the Houston Rockets, the home team in that match are 6/4 whilst tehri opponents the Houston Rockets are 8/15 favourites to win that match.

To Win the NBA 2018 Championship Outright

At this late stage of the NBA season, you have probably made your own mind up as to just which team is going to win the championship outright however if you are still tempted to place a bet on your chosen teams there are some appealing odds currently on offer.

The current favourites, as are you will be more than aware if you are a fan of the sport the Golden State Warriors whose odds are currently 5/6, however never underestimate the chances of the second favourite team to win the NBA championship that being the Houston Rockets whose odds of winning are currently 15/8/

If you are convinced that the Cleveland Cavaliers are going to come out on top of their last few games and win the NBA championship then their odds of 7/1 will be very appealing, and I do know that there are many fans of the Philadelphia 76’ers who will be tempted to place abet on them at their odds of 11/1.

The other teams who to be fair do appear to have very little chance of winning the NBA play offs are the Toronto Raptors at 14/1, the Boston Celtics at 33/1, the Utah Jazz at even bigger odds of 66/1, and if you are prepared to throw caution to the wind then you can still be on the New Orleans Pelicans at their odds of 125/1!

Two NBA Outright Winner Betting Markets

There are of course also two outright winner markets that you can make use of if you are planning to have a bet on which teas you think will win the NBA play offs, the first one sees the Cleveland Cavaliers as being the winners at odds of 13/8, the other teams involved in this particular betting market are the Toronto Raptors whose odds are 9/4 and available with the same odds are the Philadelphia 76ers and the last team in this betting market are the Boston Celtics who you can bet on at odds currently of 8/1.

The other outright betting market is the one in which the Golden State Warriors are pencilled in at odds of 4/7, you can also bet on the Houston Rockets and their odds are 11/8, and the Utah Jazz can be had currently at odds of 33/1.

The final other team that is in this betting market are the New Orleans Pelicans               and if you do fancy their chances then you are going to be tempted to take their current odds which whilst high at 80/1 those odds do reflect their overall chances of them winning, but do also consider shopping around if you fancy betting on one of the outriders in either outright betting market as there may be some higher odds on offer if you do hunt around the web!

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