Likely Winners of this Year’s Greyhound Derby

April 29, 2018 April 29, 2018 Claire Aleman
Greyhound Derby Betting 2018

The heats are all going to be taking place shortly as part of the 2018 running of the Greyhound Derby, and I am sure that if you, like tens of thousands of other people in the UK enjoy the sport of greyhound racing, do fancy placing a bet on that race, you will be temped to do so sooner rather than later.

History has proven time and time again, that by placing your bets and wagers via the ante post betting markets, you are often going to be able to lock in some tremendous value, and with that thought at the front of your mind today I will reveal to you the current odds on the Greyhound Derby 2018.

Regarding the two dogs that most punters do think are going to make it to the final race, and have the very best chances of winning, that honour currently goes to both Droopys Davy and Droopys Biker, for both dogs are available at odds of 20 to 11

But make no mistake about it there are dozens of other greyhounds that could win this event, and those that are available at generous odds that could just get their noses up over the winning line in the final race of the Greyhound Derby include Rising Brandy, Droopys Verve and the inform Bruisers Bullet at 20/1!

It is not unheard of for greyhounds that are available at odds of 25 to 1 in the early betting markets to win this event or have a very good chance of doing so, and as such a few greyhounds that are currently trading at those odds to consider betting on include Droopys Expert, Borna Gin and Dorotas Wildcat.

Greyhounds to Bet on Each Way in the Greyhound Derby

As all the betting sites that have just opened their Greyhound Derby betting markets are going to be offering you each way betting opportunities, then one of the ways to increase your chances of winning when placing a bet on that major greyhound event will be by placing an each-way bet.

Placing an each-way bet will see you placing not one single bet but two of them, and as such the first bet you will be placing is a simple outright winner bet, and if your greyhound wins you are paid out at the odds you took.

The each-way part of the bet covers the greyhound you select to finish in any of the placed positions and depending on where you place that bet you will be offered a different percentage of the outright win bet odds when if your greyhound is placed.

There are of course no shortages of greyhound that could get placed in the Greyhound Derby in 2018 and some to consider placing your money on include Tyrur Shay whose odds are high at some 33/1 and another greyhound to consider betting on is Magical Bale at odds of 35/1.

I do also think it is worth including greyhound such as Oi Oi Upenalty in any speculative each way bets you do decide to place, and that greyhound’s odds are 40/1 and trading at the same odds currently is another greyhound I do fancy and that is Tyrur Harold.

Total Outsiders to Win the 2018 Running of the Greyhound Derby

Let me now give you a few little pointers as to just which greyhounds may just be worth backing at some much longer odds than those I have already covered and mentioned up above.

The one greyhound that is worth betting on from all of those that are currently available at odds of 50 to 1 is King Elvis, however you may get some each way value if you do decide to bet on any of the other greyhounds with identical odds, and for reference those greyhounds are currently Calico Ranger, Barefoot Painter, Clonbrien Hero, The Other Reg, Slippy Cian, Whoops Jack, Black Farren and Droopys Bonucci 50/1

If you are prepared to take a few risks then consider betting one some of the greyhounds that are currently 100/1 in price and those greyhounds include the likes of Clash, Sporting, Greenwell Jet, Roxholme Ray and Falcon Bay.

But if you want to place your money on the complete outsider then you will need to get your bets on the greyhound that goes by the name of Mayas Little Bro, and if you are quick you are going to get odds of a whopping 1000/1 on its being crowned the winner of this race if it does manage to achieve what looks like the impossible!

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