Manchester City Firm Favourites to Win the FA Cup

February 18, 2018 February 18, 2018 Amanda Rothman

The temptation to place a bet on the FA Cup is always going to be strong for most soccer fans, for with many betting sites and bookmakers offering all manner of unique bonus offers including some rather high valued free bets to any punters that haven’t yet signed up to their sites, by placing a bet on the FA Cup all manner of additional offers then come into force!

If you do have a keen interested in football then it will not have escaped your notice that the Manchester City players have been playing their hearts out this season and in regards to them winning the FA Cup that is something many football fans think they are going to do.

In fact, Manchester City have been favourites to win the FA Cup for quite a while now, and a quick glance at any betting sites betting markets will see them being on offer at around 7/4 to win, which based on their current form are quite generous odds it does have to be said!

However, anything can and does happen in the FA Cup as any fan of the sport will know, and even though Manchester City may be the favourites to win, there are plenty of other teams that may in fact win the FA Cup.

With that in mind to allow you to make up your own mind as to just which team you do fancy placing a bet on, below I am going to be giving you a brief insight into the odds available on all of the other teams still in the FA Cup and will be letting you know what their respective odds are to win it too.

Teams with a Chance of Winning the FA Cup

It is true to say that if you are a fan of one of the teams that is still in the FA Cup, then you are probably not going to want to have a bet on any other team!

With that in mind I will now give you an insight into the odds that are currently available on the remaining teams still in the FA Cup, to allow you to possibly discover the team you do support and decide whether the odds are sufficiently high enough for you to have a bet on that team!

It is of course Man Utd who is currently the second favourite to win the FA Cup and the odds whilst not that huge in size do reflect their actual chances of winning, and for reference those odds are 4/1, but they will of course drop if they progress through the final stages of the tournament!

It is the two London based teams that being both Tottenham and Chelsea that are next in with a good chance of winning the FA Cup, and  the odds on Tottenham doing so are  9/2 and those odds are the exact same ones as are on offer and available on Chelsea too.

You may fancy the chances of Leicester to win, and it is fair and true to say there are many diehard fans of that team how do think they have a good chance of winning and their odds of doing so are currently 12/1.

Outsiders to Win the FA Cup

The FA Cup can often throw up a lot of surprises and as such you should be prepared to place a bet on whichever team you do think could possibly win, for if a team is still in the contest then there is always going to be a chance they could be crowned champions and lift the trophy.

Therefore, let me now give you an indication of the odds that you are going to find on offer on the final six teams that are still in the tournament, the first of which is Southampton whose current odds are 28/1.

Both Brighton and Swansea could beat the odds and manage to end up winning the FA Cup, however not many people think they will do so and the odds reflect their chances of winning that being 40/1.

It would be a dream come true for Sheffield Wednesday fans if that team on the FA Cup and if you are a loyal fan of that team then you will find odds of 150/1 on offer on them winning it

It would appear that Wigan at 200/1 and Rochdale at 1000/1 have no chance of winning, but if you do keep the faith and bet on either of those two teams and they do win, then you will be rewarded generously with those odds!

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