Manchester City or Arsenal Who Will Win the EFL Cup

February 24, 2018 February 24, 2018 Craig Anthony

Fans of football will of course be glued to their television sets tomorrow, for it is going to be tomorrow that we will finally discover whether Arsenal or the red hot favourites to win the EFL Cup, that being Manchester City will lift the trophy.

Looking at the current form of Manchester City it is easy to see why most betting sites have them pencilled in as the favourites to in that match, and you are going to be very hard pressed to find any betting sites or bookmarkers offering odds higher than 4/7 on them winning.

But with them being such short odds to in this match, there are a lot of fans who are prepared to bet on Arsenal, and if they do play up to their very best form and beat Manchester City punters will be rewarded with odds of 4/1.

For those of you out there who are of the mind in thinking that the match may just end in a draw, then the draw odds are certainly not to be sniffed at as you can get 10/30 about the draw.

But also keep in mind that there are dozens in fact hundreds of different types of bets that you can place on this match, so if you are panning on watching the EFL Cup live tomorrow, and that match is being broadcast on TV by the way, then read on for an overview of some of the additional and much more exotic bet types currency available to you.

Over/Under Betting Market

As the odds on Manchester City winning the EFL Cup are rather unimpressive and unappealing then you may be interested din simply placing a bet in regards to just how many goals are going to be scored in the match.

As such then do consider placing an over/under type of bet, they are easy to place and easy to understand and you simply have to decide whether both teams are going to score either over or under the number of goals on any of the respective over/under bet types.

The Over/Under 0.5 betting market will see you getting rewarded with odds if you select Over 0.5 of 1/50 but by selecting Under 0.5            then the odds will be 14/1. You may fancy having a bet on the Over/Under 1.5 betting market and if so then the Over 1.5 bet returns odds of 1/7 and the Under 1.5 bet returns payout odds of a much higher 9/2

You can of course also place a bet on the Over/Under 2.5 betting market on which the Over 2.5 bet returns odds of 4/9 and the Under 2.5 bet returns odds of 7/4.

Taking a look at the Over/Under 3.5 betting market e see that the Over 3.5 bet looks tempting for its payout odds are 11/10 and the Under 3.5 bet has odds of just 8/11 about it.

The higher the over and under goal number the better the odds could become and as such the Over/Under 4.5  betting market has odds of 5/2 on the Over 4.5 and odds of 3/10 on the Under 4.5 bet.

Huge Odds on Arsenal Winning

Now if you are convinced that Arsenal are going to wipe the floor with Manchester City on this match, then what you should be doing is to place some of the best that are going to return some much bigger odds than a simple outright win type of bet on Arsenal.

For if they do go on to win the match by placing such a bet you could end up getting much higher odds than the 4/1 on them simply winning this match, and as such consider placing a correct score bet.

You can place a bet on any correct score prediction you can dream up, however let me pass onto you the odds on some of the much more likely outcomes if Arsenal do come out on top.

For Arsenal to win this match and them to do so by winning by 1-0 the odds on that particular bet are large at some  22/1, however if you want to place a bet on Arsenal winning 2-0 the odds on that bet are even higher at some 33/1.

There are some quite low odds on offer on the correct score of Arsenal 2-1 as those odds are just 16/1, so some punters have been betting on just that outcome for those odds to be that low!


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