MLB 2018 World Series

February 19, 2018 February 19, 2018 Barbara Cohen

I doubt that you can wander into any sportsbook and not hear some people inside discussing baseball, and it is often going to be who they think is going to be the MLB 2018 World Series winning team they will be discussing.

If you do have a very keen interest in Major League Baseball, and let’s face it many avid sports fans especially in the USA do, then you may be thinking about having a bet on the team you think is going to be crowned this year’s MLB World Series winner.

If so there are not only going to be brick and mortar sportsbooks that will be offering you odds on that event and betting market but there will be more than enough online and mobile betting sites and apps also offering their own unique odds and bet types too.

With that in mind today I spent quite some time checking around with many different sportsbooks, betting sites and betting apps to find the best odds available in all teams in the MLB 2018 World Series, and below I will be letting you know the current odds associated with each team.

But you do of course need to act fast if you intend to place a bet and want to be guaranteed of securing the odds below, as they are subject to change at any time, and will change as all scheduled MLB matches begin to get played off!

Teams That Have a Good Chance of winning the MLB 2018 World Series

Three teams are currently joint favourites to win the MLS World Series 2018 and those teams are the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Houston Astros and the New York Yankees and they all have odds of 6/1 about them doing so.

Next in the betting markets you will find Cleveland Indians at 7/1, Washington Nationals and also Chicago Cubs both on offer at odds of 9/1 and then next on the betting markets are the Boston Red Sox who do have a reasonable chance of winning and their odds reflect their chances and those odds are 12/1.

Arizona Diamondbacks are available at odds of 20/1, followed by several teams on offer at odds of 25/1 and those teams are St Louis Cardinals, Los Angeles Angels, Toronto Blue Jays, Milwaukee Brewers and San Francisco Giants.

If you fancy the chances of Minnesota Twins odds of 33/1 on them winning this event outright are available and the odds on New York Mets are also 33/1 too. Colorado Rockies and Seattle Mariners have odds of  40/1 on them winning and Texas Rangers, Tampa Bay Rays and Baltimore Orioles can be had at odds of 50/1, 66/1 and 80/1 respectively.

Always keep in mind that it may not be the red hot favourites that can and could win any baseball match and if you do fancy the chances of any team to win, even if they have rather large odds associated with them doing so, never be put off placing a bet on them as you never know they may just win!

Outsiders in the MLB World Series Betting Markets

It will not surprise you to learn that there are of course several teams that have large three figure odds associated with them inning the 2018 MLB World Series outright, and if any of the following teams are your own personal favourites then maybe you should consider putting a small wager on any of them.

By doing so thanks to their current odds, if they do somehow win the event outright then you are going to get some high valued returned even when placing just small and modestly sized bets on any of them!

The following teams all have odds of 100/1 on them winning and those teams are the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Philadelphia Phillies, Kansas City Royals, Chicago White Sox and Atlanta Braves, but do shop around and compare the odds on those teams for there is a slight chance that you may just come across an online sportsbook offer slightly higher odds!

Oakland A’s can be had at odds of 150/1 and the Detroit Tigers, the Cincinnati Reds and also San Diego Padres have huge odds available all being 200/1 on most betting sites and sportsbooks.

It is currently the Miami Marlins that have the honour of being the total outside, and if your heart rules your head in regards to which team you want to place a bet on then you will be rewarded with huge odds on them winning and those odds are 250/1!

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