New Double Delight and Hat-trick Heaven Bet Launched

January 2, 2018 January 1, 2018 David Nugent

A brand new type of soccer bet has just been launched by a leading UK bookmaker, and it really has caught the imagination of soccer fans the world over.

That new soccer wager is known as the Double Delight and Hat-trick Heaven bet, and it is going to help you potentially gain some huge returns when you simply pick one player to score a goal in any match chosen by the bookmaker.

If that player you choose does score then your goal scorer bet is of course a winning one, however if he then goes on to score a second goal you receive another payout at the same odds a you took on him scoring the first goal.

Things get even better if that player then goes on to score a hat-trick, for you will then receive another bet equal to the value of your first bet, and as such you will of course be hoping the player you do choose to score at least one goal, plays in form and keeps on hitting the back of the net!

As mentioned one soccer match at least is chosen each day of the week and as long as you do pick one player who does go on to score at the very least one goal you will be in profit, however that profit will keep on growing in value if and hopefully when he does keep on scoring!

Soccer Betting is Big Business

Betting on soccer matches is of course a huge industry in its own right, and as such you are never going to find any shortages of betting sites that are going to be offering you odds on every single soccer match no matter in which country it is being played.

One thing to keep in mind however is that the actual odds on different outcomes occurring in different soccer matches are going to differ depending on just which betting sites you decide to place all of your soccer related agers at.

With that in mind I would advise you not to restrict yourself to betting at just one bookmakers, sportsbook or online betting site, but open up accounts at several different betting sites, for that way you are then always going to be able to shop around and track down the best odds available.

There are also some additional advantages that will be coming your way when you do open up several different betting site accounts, and that is there will be lots of different free bets and additional bonuses and promotions you can claim.

So, if and when you are next thinking of placing a soccer bet be prepared to open up a betting site account at a site you are not yet a customer of, for by doing so you will then be able to make use of their respective sign up bonuses and promotional offers.

As there are literally hundreds of different betting sites available you will always find plenty of them that you are not yet a customer of!

Most Popular Types of Soccer Bets

I do know that when you first start venturing into the betting world and betting on soccer in particular, you may be unsure as to how every single type of soccer bet has been designed, for there are often dozens of different things you can bet on at any sports betting site!

The most basic of bet that you are going to be able to place on a soccer match is a straight forward outright winner bet, and when placing such a bet you are tasked with picking which one of the two teams is going to be the winning, and then select a stake and you will then need to hope your chosen team does win to get a winning payout.

However, for those of you who are a little more adventurous you could decide to bet on what the correct score of any soccer match will be, and the odds you will find on those types of bets will be much higher in value that an outright winner bet.

You are also going to find you can bet on things such as the number of corners awarded in a soccer match or even try and predict how many yellow or red cards will be handed out to players, so make no mistake about it, if you do want to give you score match viewing pleasure a tad more excitement you will always find something to bet on in any soccer match that will allow you to do just that!

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