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June 11, 2018 June 11, 2018 David Nugent
One Day Internationals

The 13th of June 2018 is the day that England are up against Australia in a one day international cricket match, and with there being a lot of interest in that match from fans of the sport all betting sites have a wide and very varied range of betting opportunities on offer on that match.

If betting on either team to simply win that match is something that you do fancy doing, then a simple outright winner bet will probably interest you the most, and the odds that you can currently get on England winning the match are 8/5.

However, you only have to ask the opinion of any cricket fans to realise that it is by no means a certainty that England are going to win that match, despite their very low odds and if you are of the mind that Australia are going to win it then the odds available on them doing so are much higher in value at 6/4!

What Will the Series Correct Score Be?

Probably one of the most popular bets you can place on any series of one day internationals apart from betting an outright winner of each individual match is the series correct score, and with that in mind let me now enlighten you on what betting opportunities are on offer.

England to win the series with a  score of 3-2 seems to be where most punters are placing their bets for the odds on that outcome are 2/1, but England winning with a score of 4-1 is also tempting plenty of punters too for the odds on that score have dropped to just 9/4 very recently.


The next bet which some gamblers are betting on is for Australia to win with a score of 3-2 and the odds on them doing so are currently around the 7/2 mark.

England to win with a final series score of 5-0 is available with odds of 9/2, but two of the betting opportunities that do have the highest odds associated with them are for Australia to win the series 4-1 at 10/1 or for Australia to win all matches in the series and end up with a score of 5-0 and you could be tempted with the  66/1 odds on that score if you are a very avid fan of Australia!

Bet on the Method of the first Dismissal

If you want to place a bet that will soon let you know if you have won or lost then place a method of first dismissal bet, for dependent on who the first player is to get dismissed and the method there are some quite juicy odds on offer.

The one bet that isn’t going to see you winning big is of course the Caught bet and the best odds you can hope for on that method of dismissal are 4/9, but that dismissal could be by a Lbw at 7/2 or even by being Bowled out and that bet is available at odds of 4/1.

The other possibly dismissal methods are Run Out at 16/1 or Stumped at  16/1 and from the few betting sites I have been checking out this morning any other method of dismal is available at some massive odds of 200/1.

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