Premier League Darts Betting Markets Now Live

February 5, 2018 February 5, 2018 David Nugent

The Darts Premier League betting markets are now live at a large number of betting sites and as such now is the ideal time for me to give you an insight into which players are possibly going to be the ones worth placing a few bets and wagers on right now.

Keep in mind that as the matches begin to play off there are going to be a lot of changes to the odds listed and mentioned below, so to secure what possibly could turn out to be the best possible odds, you really should try and get your bets and wagers placed sooner rather than later.

I will start off by giving you an overview of the outright winner offs that are available on a range of players in the Premier League of Darts 2018 and keep in mind that if you fancy placing an each way type of bet on any of them most betting sites are offering one third the win odds on any players finishing in first or second place.

Michael Van Gerwen is the odds on favourite to win outright and looking at his outright win odds of 4/6 there has been some large amounts of cash placed on him to win already!

Rob Cross is currently second favourite and his odds are 9/2, the only two other players who have so far been attracting a fair amount of money on the betting markets are Peter Wright and Gary Anderson and both of those players have odds  of 8 to 1 on them winning outright.

To Top the Darts Premier League

Another bet that you may be interested in placing in regards to this year’s Premier Dart League is the player who you then will top the league, and there are some slightly different thoughts in regards to which player many punters do think will top the league, so the odds do differ from the outright winner bet mentioned up above.

However, one thing that isn’t different is the fact that Michael Van Gerwen is the firm favourite to top the league and his odds on doing so are very low and unappealing to many punters being at 1 to 4, you may fancy a bet on him but you will not get much by way of winnings back if you do!

Rob Cross can be had at odds of 7 to 1 to top the league and both Gary Anderson and Peter Wright can be had at odds of 12 to 1, so it may be a good idea to consider placing a bet one either of those two players if you are looking for some value!

However, as you may have realised by now if you are an experienced sports bettor and one who does enjoy betting on darts matches in particular is that anything can and often does happen in any darts match and darts tournament, and as such it may be worth having a small punt on some of the outsiders.

If that is something that you are interested in doing then consider placing a bet on Raymond Van Barneveld at 25/1 or Daryl Gurney at odds of 33/1 or even Michael Smith whose odds to top the league are huge at some 50/1!

To Finish Bottom of the Darts Premier League

You can also bet on just which players you think will finish right at the bottom of the Darts Premier League, however for your best to not be void the player you select must complete the first 9 weeks or your bet on him will be void.

If you think, like quite a lot of people do that Simon Whitlock is going to finish at the bottom of the league then you will be able to get odds on him doing so of 2/1.

Another player that many people think has not got the form to get up off the lowest position if Gerwyn Price and his odds to finish right at the bottom of the league are fairly generous when you take everything into account at some 5/2

It may also be worth having a fairly small and reasonable punt of Mensur Suljovic finishing at the bottom of the league for his form may not be good enough for him to beat any other players and if so and you think he will finish bottom then st about mopping up the 5/1 odds on him finishing at the bottom of the Premier League of darts.

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