Premier League Unique Betting Markets

March 31, 2018 March 31, 2018 Barbara Cohen
Unique Bets Available on the Premier League

This weekend in the United Kingdom is an extended bank holiday weekend, due obviously to Easter, and as such there are plenty of different sporting events all scheduled for the next couple of days. There are of course plenty of Premier League football matches taking place, and they will be revealed to you below.

However, as the clock is now ticking until the end of this season in the Premier League, there are a range of unique betting markets based around the Premier League, and below I will also be giving you an insight into some of the more unusual betting opportunities that are available to you too!

The Premier League matches scheduled to take place today and their respective team odds are, Crystal Palace v Liverpool and the home, draw and away team odds are 6/1, 18/5 and 1/2 respectively. Also, there is the & Hove Albion v Leicester City match and the home, draw and away odds are 9/5, 9/4 and 7/4.

You can bet on the Manchester United v Swansea City match and those home, draw and away team odds are 1/4, 11/2 and 14/1 and there is the Newcastle United v Huddersfield Town match with home, draw and away team odds of 4/5, 27/10           and 4/1.

Other matches being played today with their home, drawn and away team win odds include Watford v Afc Bournemouth 27/20, 12/5 and 9/4. West Bromwich Albion v Burnley, 8/5, 21/10 and 21/10, West Ham v Southampton, 15/8, 9/4 and 17/10 and Everton v Manchester City 8/1, 4/1 and 4/11

Outright Winner and Bet Without Manchester City

I think it is very fair to say that Manchester City are going to win the Premier League this year, and you only have to take a look at the outright betting markets to see they are huge odds on to do so and those odds for reference are 1/1000!

However, if you do want to place a bet on the three other teams who, by some miracle may win the Premier League this year then you will find the odds that are available on Man Utd doing so are 200/1 and you can also get odds o 500/1 on both Tottenham and Liverpool too.

You may also be interested in making use of the betting markets that are going to be betting without Man City, and if so then you will find the odds on Man Utd winning without Manchester City being in the running on those betting markets are 2/5.

The odds on Liverpool winning when you take Manchester City out of the equation are 10/3 or you may prefer having a bet on Tottenham and if so then their odds are 6/1, and for a long outside punt how about placing a bet on Chelsea at their current odds of 40/1.

Keep in mind that not all betting sites and bookmaker’s sites and apps are going to be offering a betting market without Manchester City, but those that do may be offering slightly different odds than those listed above.

Additional Premier League Betting Markets

To round off todays news story let me now give you an insight into some of the many other additional betting markets that are currently available to you IF you do fancy placing a range of unique bets on the final days of this seasons Premier League in the UK.

There is the top goal-scorer betting market and if you fancy placing a bet on the player to score the most goals this season in the Premier League the odds on Salah, Mohamed are 1/6, Kane, Harry is on offer at odds of 6/1, Aguero, Sergio can be had at odds of 12/1, Lukaku, Romelu odds are 300/1, Sterling, Raheem is 500/1, Sanchez, Alexis is on offer at 500/1 and the odds on Firmino, Roberto are 500/1.

Another betting market I think you may be very interested in is the Top 10 Finish one, and if so here are the associated odds of all teams that you can bet on to finish in the top 10, Burnley               are 1/40, Leicester are 1/33, Everton are 1/5, Watford are 11/10, Bournemouth are 6/5, Newcastle are 6/1, Brighton are 13/2, Swansea are 10/1, Crystal Palace are 12/1, Southampton are 33/1, West Ham are 40/1, Huddersfield are 40/1 and Stoke are 100/1.

You can place a bet on just which team or teams you think will get relegated this season and they include West Brom at 1/100, Stoke at 4/11, Huddersfield at 6/4, Southampton at 2/1, West Ham at 5/2, Swansea at 9/2, Crystal Palace at 6/1, Newcastle at 20/1, Brighton at 22/1, Watford at 80/1, Bournemouth at 100/1 and even Everton at 500/1!

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