Quarter Final ATP Madrid Open Betting Opportunities

May 11, 2018 May 11, 2018 Amanda Rothman
ATP Madrid Quarter Finals

It has been a very interesting ATP Madrid Open this year, and I am sure that if you have been watching it you will have had an excellent viewing experience and will have been amazed at the quality players taking part in that event this year.

However, if you have been watching it then you will no doubt be more than aware that today is the day when that tournament moves onto the quarter finals stage, and as such you are going to find all manner of different betting opportunities now open to you.

Today the 11th of May 2018 sees a total of four quarter finals being played, those being the singles matches, and below is a round up of the players taking part in each of those matches and their current odds on them winning those matches too.

If you want to bet on the Lajovic, D v Anderson, K match then the first named player is available at odds of 6/4 and the latter named player is currently the favourite to win that match at 8/15. The next match is the Nadal, R v Thiem, D match in which the first named player is huge odds on at 1/20 to win and the other player is on offer at odds of 8/1.

In the Edmund, K v Shapovalov, D match being played later today the win odds on the first named player are 4/9 and the second player is on offer at odds of 7/4 and in the Isner, J v Zverev, A match the first named player is the outside at 9/4 and the second named player is the 1/3 favourite to win that match.

Doubles Quarter Finals Betting Markets

There are of course going to be several doubles quarter finals matches today, and as such you do have even more betting opportunities also available to you, and below are the four quarter finals doubles matches that are scheduled or run throughout the day and the odds of each doubles team winning each of those matches too!

In the Murray, J/Soares, B v Bryan, M/Bryan, B match the betting sites appear to not be able to separate them for betting purposes and as such both doubles team are available at odds of 5/6!

You may also fancy placing a bet on Mektic, N/Peya, A v Klaasen, R/Venus, M and if so the first team are 8/15 to win and the other team are 11/8 to win.

In the Mclachlan, B/Struff, Jl v Herbert, Ph/Mahut, N match you will get odds on the first team of winning of 13/8 but the second doubles team are the favourites to win and their odds of winning are currently 4/9. The last match of the day is the Kubot, L/Melo, M v Cabal, Js/Farah, R match and the first team are 8/13 to win and the second named team are 6/5 to win that match.

Tournament Outright Betting Market

I am sure that you have already made your mind up regarding just which player is going to win this tournament, and with there now just being eight players that can do you may fancy placing a bet on who you will be hoping wins the tournament outright.

If so then below you will find the names of each of those eight players that are still left in the ATP Madrid tournament, and the current odds you can get on them winning it outright, but you do need to place these bets before the quarter final matches start today if you want to secure the following odds, as the odds will drop as the result of today’s matches do come in of course!

It is Nadal, Rafael who does look like the soon to be winner of this tournament if the betting markets are to be taken at face value, for his odds on doing so are tiny at just 1/5!

However, as all the other players are still in the tournament there is of course a chance that any of them could win, and as such fi you do fancy the chance of Zverev, Alexander the odds on him winning are 9/1.

The odds on Thiem, Dominic are 14/1 and you will find odds of 25/1 are on offer on both Edmund, Kyle and Isner, John 25/1, but if you want to place your money on one of the outsiders to win then bet on Anderson, Kevin and/or Shapovalov, Denis at 40/1 or bet on the total outsider that being Lajovic, Dusan at 80/1!

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